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  1. Hey i'm Sev and i'm in need of people to play Halo with! I'm a decent player who is slowly improving. I prefer objective gametypes and i'm always looking for the win. I'm looking to get more competitive. I'll play matchmaking but i'm sick of playing solo! Invite me to matchmaking, customs, or just send me a FR GT: zSev
  2. This is an awesome idea! If the Halo community continues to grow and develop hopefully this can become a reality. To be honest though I would just be extremely happy if Halo had social and competitive playlists again.
  3. I'm extremely excited for the Champions Bundle DLC and I do hope the DLC after it will be similar. Also I really hope that 343 will start adding some forge maps to matchmaking after the Global Championship. There are some epic maps that deserve to be added!
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