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  1. Ive been grinding this game for quite a bit. Looking for a solid team, that can communicate well, push as a team, an willing to learn from wrongs, an watch film etc Im 2500 2600 csr in arena Support, objective, slayer are my playstyles. Gt: C NxTE
  2. Im eastern time, champ 112 in arena, gt is C NxTE Down 2 run, hmu
  3. Eastern Timer. C NxTE- GT Objective, Support, Slayer- Playstyles. Modern Stategy Im Very Aware Of, An Vets. HMU! DEDICATED PLAYER
  4. Eastern Time. On ALL Day. EVERYDAY. Been High Onyx Every Season. I Know Modern An Vet Strats. GT: C NxTE
  5. Gt C NxTE We're looking for onyx players an up. We're both 2100+ csr Looking for solid players, who can rotate an play the game like us. I'm not here to post a story so with that said, just hit up my gt "C NxTE"
  6. If Your Not At Least Onyx, Don't Inbox Me, Nothing Personal. You Just Have A Lot Learn.
  7. Gt:C NxTE I've been On This Site For Multiple Qualifiers, TB Tourneys, LCQ etc I've Been High Onyx Every Season. As Of Now I'm 2113 Csr In Arena. I Have Tourney XP, From Past Halos. Got 5th Round FFA In H2. Top 48 4s. (MLG ORLANDO) Looking for Dedicated Teammates, Willing to Put In Time, For Strats, Films, Scrims Etc Very Aware With All Strats, Bait Switch, Spawn Traps, Positioning, Etc Ready to Grind. EASTERN TIME GAMER. GT: C NxTE
  8. Gt: C NxTE Onyx In Arena Around 2000 Csr. Been Onyx Every Season Including President Season. Been Gaming Since h2, We'll Aware Of Strats, Spawn Trap, Positioning, Bait Switch Etc Just Honestly Looking FOR A Solid Squad, That Can Hold They're Own, Push In As A Team, An Communicate Well. I'm Eastern, On All The Time.
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