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  1. It was not a decision by Sundance. B-1/B-2 and A shareholders have a vote on any change of the board/liquidation of assets or buy out agreement. I dabble in the stock market daily, not blue chip stocks but I tied up quite a bit into investments. Its hard to explain, but while the "Board" owns a good percentage of the pie, the shareholders/investors also hold a portion of the company as well (Considering a risky investment for a possible return). We will probably never know how large the percentage of MLG is owned by shareholders. IMO considering even if they filed Chapter 7 they would be worse off. "Disadvantages of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy for Corporations and LLCs Filing a Chapter 7 means the end of the business. You will no longer be able to operate it or negotiate its sale to a third party under more favorable terms. Further, you can usually sell your company's assets at a better price than the bankruptcy trustee. So if you were personally liable for the company’s debts, you may be left with a larger personal liability than if you had negotiated with the creditors and sold the assets yourself." Anyways I am confident 343 will do as needed, But I am thankful for all the amazing memories MLG provided me to look back on. I attended 15 events, I Had the opportunity to see places all over the United States for following my passion. The most important impact MLG made for me was I found some of my best friends that I will have contact with for the rest of my life. They also Inspired me to always think there is more to life than simplicity and chase what you love. Its really heart breaking news to here, But I felt this coming for a while as MLG's investments did really look to have great returns (exp. The MLG Arena) Thank you for a great childhood. twitter.com/araes_gg youtube.com/haloreachonyx twitch.tv/araess
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