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  1. https://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/3zbp2y/hwc_na_online_qualifiers_2/ Thread's up and stickied on r/Halo, it links to the main stream on the Halo channel and the bracket/team list on GB. I also have some notable streams up (right now it's just the ones for EG, CLG, and TL) but if there are any other ones people think I should add lemme know. I was going to link Reality Check but I don't think I want the newcomers in the sub to be exposed to that just yet lol.
  2. Thank you sir, I figured it would be Twitch.tv/Halo but I didn't want to put any wrong info. I'll sticky it closer to 5p ET when the actual stream will be starting.
  3. I'm gonna be stickying a thread on r/Halo for the NA Qualifiers, when does it start? Is there a bracket somewhere/will there be a bracket posted? Which channel is it going to be streamed on?

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