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  1. It's interesting watching it from Ryanoob's/Cryptik's side of the match, they're not stressed at all playing them. They were laughing and joking almost all of the Rig TS game.
  2. Ace's AMA is live on r/Halo if anyone here wants to ask questions: https://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/5yut8f/whats_up_everyone_this_is_pro_player_ace_from/
  3. TBH I was worried with how little time we had to promote it that it would be a resounding "meh" and we wouldn't be able to get any more, but it was pretty popular.
  4. Just wanted to thank @@Commonly again for his AMA on r/Halo, it was by far our most successful AMA (the Marty O'Donnell AMA had more upvotes but this had twice as many comments and answers), and that was with minimal promotion beforehand. I think if we can get word out ahead of time via a sticky/header banner with an exact time, there could really be a lot of activity. On that note, if any other pros would be interested in doing an AMA, we'd love to have you. I really think being able to directly interact with pros and clearing up some misconceptions could get a lot of the sub on board with HCS; the interest is there (there was a flurry of activity for HWC), it's just getting those people more involved on a weekly basis. Obviously Beyond is the hub for competitive Halo, but I think r/Halo has a role to play with getting more exposure for HCS from a different part of the community. It's a little difficult with a jack-of-all-trades community, and we've been hit-or-miss with some of our efforts (as @@CyReN can attest with our pro league stickies, my fault there), but we're making an effort. If anyone has any other ideas for how to get more competitive Halo out there let me know; right now we've got Montage of the Week, stickies of tournaments, and our sidebar calendar, but we can always do more. At the end of the day we're all on the same team here.
  5. What time do the finals start tomorrow? Want to put up a thread on r/Halo and sticky it before things kick off.
  6. I really haven't touched Slayer much the past couple of months, this season I think my CSR in it is barely above 1700. Mainly been playing Arena for the HCS gametypes, but grinding Arena is also just more fun. That said I remember they were consistently one of the best teams we played, so it doesn't surprise me they're running train on it right now.
  7. Get back on the team Change that ridiculous name that I still don't understand and I'm not sure they do either ??? Profit
  8. So does anyone here know when roster lock is for the open cups? A few people were saying it was last night but that didn't make sense considering there's another cup before the finals in two weeks.
  9. From what I've heard it's Renegade leaving Catastrophe to go to eLevate, to replace Danoxide who's replacing Assault on Liquid.
  10. Haha yep I'm UEGs_Crony, what was your username? I moved into my new apartment last August and they still haven't installed fiber optic yet, was supposed to be done before I moved in. Only 5 mbps upload speed, not enough for me to stream unfortunately. I miss it.
  11. That five game series was intense. I wish I could say that choke was a one-off, but we literally did the same thing today against Prototype's team; up by 7-8 kills Game 5 on Regret TS, end up losing 50-49. That's something we'll get better at with us playing better scrims more consistently, we really haven't had any. We were one win away from top 8 today (up 2-1 on Turley/NYSea's team), but Troy had to get off for his graduation. Ah well. Would have laughed my ass off if Team Reddit Halo made top 8 Challenger League, but we'll be back at it next weekend.
  12. With all the removed posts it just looks like Moa spammed three posts in a row lol. On topic, the top 8 teams from the cup today are locked in for next Sunday, correct? Which means you have to win at least two series no matter what? Just wondering what we'll have to do to move on. Top two teams at the end of Challenger League play the bottom two teams from Pro League for their spots.
  13. I'm fully convinced the tournament doesn't actually exist and Goldenboy/the pros are just fucking with us.
  14. Sorry for being out of the loop, but can someone tell me how this Pro League preview tournament tomorrow is structured? I want to make sticky threads for it on r/Halo, but knowing how the whole thing is going to shake out beforehand would be helpful. Basically I need the following info: Is it being streamed on any main channel (Halo or something else) or just individual player channels? Is it just tomorrow? I saw a graphic saying 29-31, but it seemed weird it would go into Tuesday with only eight teams. Is there already a bracket or something available? If not, do we know when one will be? I tried to look this stuff up myself, but couldn't find anything; figured this would be the best place to ask. Any help would be appreciated!
  15. Really happy that even r/Halo is recognizing how 2gre retiring is the end of an era. We've been trying to foster more interest in the competitive scene there, so we're happy to see that more of that sort of content is being posted, even if the discussion threads don't get as much traction as we'd like. Not a moment per se, but my favorite 2gre memory is when Final Boss replaced Totz with Pistola back in H3. Ogre 2 was never on a top team for so much of H3, and then right at the end he finally had a solid group to go and win a national championship with. Was hoping against hope he'd be able to do that in H5, because if anyone could it'd be the GOAT.
  16. Previously there were five teams qualified for the last chance qualifier. The top six teams from today were added to that, making it 11. The top five teams from tomorrow will be added, rounding out the 16. The LCQ is not open, those 16 teams will play and the top two will be added to the six existing pro league teams.
  17. Yeah, Elevate finished top 6, already qualified for LCQ.
  18. The MMR definitely carried over. My first game in the playlist was when I was drinking and wanted a relaxing social game, ended up matching two Champs in Arena and got partnered with a Champ in Slayer. Way sweatier than I was ready for haha. For reference I was Champ in Holiday Dubs.
  19. Hey guys, I was trying out new jumps on The Rig and I ended up finding this one. I had never seen it before, so I decided to make a quick tutorial for it. If this one was already known then my bad, let me know and I'll change the title/add an annotation to the vid.
  20. Live match stats being updated here on r/Halo: https://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/43fy01/2016_x_games_aspen_allegiance_vs_evil_geniuses/
  21. If anyone's interested r/Halo's putting up advanced stats for each of the series today, working with the 343 stats guys to get the proper info. We're going to be stickying them as they happen, but I'll also post them here if I get the chance. https://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/43fuho/2016_x_games_aspen_clg_vs_renegades_series_results/
  22. Is there a graphic for yesterday's results similar to this one (http://i.imgur.com/jsQB1L4.png) for Thursday? Getting ready to sticky the Final Day discussion thread on r/Halo and want to include those results in a compact way.
  23. NA starts at 5pm ET on Twitch.tv/Halo like the past ones, right? Making sure before I sticky the thread on r/Halo.

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