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  1. We don't need to think about it, the issue had nothing to do with the coding of the app or "20 year old" technology. The Surface running the app accidentally got unplugged and the battery ran out. It was unfortunate, it was a freak accident, but it was not due to someone's failure to understand how LAN works.
  2. Troy told me the same thing, they're the first match on main stage. IMO that matchup is the highest chance for a 2 seed to beat a 1 seed, I'm looking forward to it.
  3. Mexico hasn't had daylight savings yet, so it goes live at 10am CST/12pm EDT. They should have done a better job clarifying that.
  4. Walshy what do you think of that play? WELL THAT WAS A FANTASTIC PLAY FROM ROYAL 2 ...this is ridiculous
  5. Any chance you could do the scrim for Splyce vs Cryptik last night? I turned it off after game 4 or 5 and I'd like to see the stat overview for the series. Don't know if you don't want to because Cryptik wasn't an official team, though.
  6. Arguing that future Halo titles should also be released on PC in order to tap into that playerbase and audience is a wholly separate argument from saying HCS should switch to KB+M because it's more skillful; I don't think many (if any) people would argue against the former. You can do it exactly like CoD does with pulling in PC viewers while also keeping the esport side on console. If you change it you risk losing many existing pros who can't make the change, and you're relying on increased viewership from PC making up for people who stop watching due to their favorite pros no longer playing or something else. Remember when the NBA switched to the synthetic ball instead of the leather ball back in 06, which was supposed to increase competition by providing better grip and consistency? The players revolted against it. The end of is if the players don't want it, generally speaking it isn't in the best interest of the league, because the players are your product. Otherwise you're banking on the completely rebooted league doing better, which may not even be necessary if you can get the best of both worlds by keeping the existing pros while also bringing in PC viewership.
  7. Randa always trolls on Twitter lol. Commonly is running games tonight with Cryptik (RyaNoob, DasTroyed, Prototype), they're scrimming LG.
  8. IMO Torque isn't even the worst map in H5, Riptide is way worse. I can't think of a single redeeming quality.
  9. It appears your comment was removed If that 1v1 does end up happening I'll make a sticky thread for it on r/Halo, you guys are also welcome to try to hype it up ahead of time. Them 1v1ing on H5 would be amazing.
  10. It was from HWC day 1, it was either the stickied discussion thread or one of the stream clips people submitted. The whole weekend we had a handful of people complaining about the page being dominated by Twitch clips and saying they should be contained to the discussion thread, meanwhile it was the one time HCS content was able to break through the deluge of gifvs. Yep
  11. Careful, if you become r/halo and you make HCS discussion threads you'll have to deal with people like this:
  12. "Not to get too political but allow me to get really political."
  13. Does anyone know if SoaR is playing with Tapping Buttons or Munoz this weekend? The tweet SoaR sent out announcing the roster listed Tapping Buttons, but everything HCS/ESL has sent out since has listed Munoz and I haven't heard if Tapping Buttons sorted out his visa issue. The worst thing I could have found out is that DoorDash delivers Taco Bell in my area. I've had to significantly increase my willpower to not get it every week.
  14. Yep, Cook Out trays are dirt cheap and have more variety than any other similar deal I've seen. It was the best drunk food in college. Plus their milkshakes are amazing.
  15. When I was in Cali over the summer I did my research and tried to order In-n-Out properly (got a 2x3 animal style with well done fries), for my money Five Guys is still number 1. Plus when you don't want a burger their hot dogs are still some of the best fast food you can get. Also, free peanuts. As the guy who did r/Halo's CSS it has almost nothing in common with the default Reddit CSS, but you're entitled to your opinion. I also think the Xbox One sub looks great, so if you think that's too close to default I'm not sure what you're looking for. I'm always open to suggestions if you have any. I did like the tl;dr, though. On topic, my only hope for this weekend is that at least one foreign team (most likely FabE) makes a run and gets top 8. Apart from that I hope the stream finally has everything sorted out so there aren't any major production issues.
  16. Found it: https://www.flickr.com/photos/eslphotos/19688213724/in/album-72157656399538610/
  17. The thing is they did used to have some varied downtime videos. I remember during some older tournaments they had a Mint Blitz montage (maybe his H5M2), Sheney's H5 Beta tage (with different music over it), and an H5 jumping montage. Don't know why they stopped that. If it's for copyright reasons they could put out a set of guidelines videos have to follow to be used, and maybe you have to submit them somewhere (like a Waypoint thread) in order to give them permission to use it? Anything would be better than the same ads and skilltacular videos.
  18. Have they announced if the second stage will have a stream? Last HWC had main stage on the Halo stream and second stage on the ESL Halo stream.
  19. I'm more worried about the foreign teams to be honest, especially since it's likely only one foreign team will be guaranteed to make winners, with a possibility of two guaranteed if there's an NA group of death (which no one wants). That's obviously assuming four groups of three. I know they're not likely to win (understatement), but if it's supposed to be the Halo World Championship then they should at least go to losers so we see as much of them as possible.
  20. "Alright, so I was telling Mack to suck my dick because he's a diabetic bastard, right? And then-" "How does this relate to Final Boss?" But in all seriousness someone like Gandhi would be instrumental for his knowledge of MLG Halo/giving insight on a lot of the pros. Plus it would be cool to see Gandhi even semi-involved with something Halo-related again.
  21. I was just watching Bestman's 2010 MLG highlight vid and was wondering what FiS was up to, thanks. Does anyone know where Hysteria is? I know he got a shoutout during a semi-recent HCS stream but I don't think they said what he was doing.
  22. Troy/AR Jesus with the 38.2 accuracy haha Cryptik 3-0 ALG

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