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  1. Edit: Didn't see Saucey's post as I was writing this. My idea is very similar. As much as I don't think it should be the job of pros to have to organize and fight for competitive settings, based off of 343's track record I believe them doing so is the only chance we have at getting the settings that the majority of the community wants. IMO I think the best thing that could be done at this moment is for pros to communicate with one another and decided to compromise on a list of setting changes that they would like to see (For example, come to a decision whether they want Magnum only starts and whether they want No-Radar, PG Radar 25m, PG Radar 18m, or Current Radar). They won't be able to get 100% agreement but as long as there is a significant majority that shouldn't be a problem. Next, a simple document could be made stating the changes that the pros want to see made and this document (with the names of the players who support it) needs to be sent to 343 as soon as possible as well as made public. Making the document public, will not only let the community get behind it but it would also not allow 343 to do their bullshit PR thing where they state that only some pros or only some of the competitive community members are in favour of X (remember when they tried to say pros liked breakout). In my mind doing something like this would put the most pressure on 343 to listen to the community (besides a boycott which is risky and unrealistic IMO). Of course, they could very easily still not listen but then at least everyone knows the pros and the community tried, had a cohesive and constructive message, and it was ignored. In short, I agree with all of those saying it would help if pros organized and it doesn't have to be made too complicated: 1) Create a quick poll with 2-5 questions 2) Write out the favoured setting changes in a short document 3) Send the document around to pros and get as many as you can to put their name in support of it 4) Send to 343/post on Team Beyond, Twitter, etc for the community to get behind. Definitely don't think this guarantees us the settings that we want but it definitely can't hurt. Just my 2 cents
  2. Assuming that 343 is willing to listen to pro player feedback, I believe that the success of this upcoming HCS settings testing period will largely depend on whether or not they use pro player feedback to make the test settings as opposed to getting pro player feedback on their test settings. It would be another disappointment for the test settings to once again be poor and to have pro players once again have to spend all of their energy to ensure that the HCS doesn't feature Binary Rifles, Riptide, etc. instead of using their energy to try to make positive improvements.
  3. On a positive note, the HCS Pro teams can still put on a show. I am loving this EG vs E6 series. Also, as much as I don't care for Cratos his trash talk does make things more interesting to watch. The more rivalries in Halo the better IMO. Edit: Don't want to discredit the top AM teams either. A lot of great entertaining matches from them as well.
  4. Completely laughable. This week I think I finally made the transition from being constantly angry at 343's incompetence to just giving up all hope and finding humour in their actions. Hopefully this keeps me from going insane.
  5. I agree, if mistakes were few and far between it would make sense to avoid negativity and be optimistic. However, at this point the HCS/H5 has been so poorly executed that negativity is justified IMO. The thing that bothers me the most is that I constantly see pro players and AMs alike make wonderful suggestions on twitter regarding tournament structures and settings for the HCS, however, none of it is ever implemented. That and the fact that apparently 343 can't make a game that works.
  6. I don't like being negative, but god damn the HCS/H5 is becoming a joke at this point. So many poor decisions regarding settings and league structure, an awful spectator mode, awful servers online and now we even have ghost melees and disconnects at live events.
  7. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who played in our first FFA session, it was a lot of fun. I am going to be implementing one small change going forward in order to try to prevent more than 8 people joining the game (we had 9 at times last Saturday). Instead of sending out invites 10 minutes before starting I will be sending out a message to all those online at the time. The first 6 to respond to this message will receive invites to me and Pajama 88's FFA lobby. This way we should be able to avoid getting a 9th person joining mid game. I look forward to having another FFA session on Wednesday! If anyone wants to check out some brief footage from our last FFA session you can find some footage by following this link here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LxMIO8bVkZ0
  8. Great to see the interest from everyone. I am in the process of adding everyone from this thread. Be on the look out for an invite tomorrow around 2:50 pm EDT (Toronto time). Around 12 people have expressed interest in participating so I apologize in advance if anyone who wants to doesn't get a chance to participate tomorrow. As long as I can get at least 6 people for these lobbies I will keep running them twice a week (if not more if the interest is there) so there will be plenty of opportunities.
  9. Glad to hear! I'll add you and send you invites starting with next Wednesday's 8 pm ET lobby.
  10. Hello everyone, I am posting today in hopes of getting the attention of any players who are interested in playing some Halo 5 FFA Tour de Walsh style. Basically, me and Pajama 88 wish to get 8-man FFA lobbies going every Wednesday and Saturday as we believe it is a great way to improve our individual skill in Halo 5. Thus, every Saturday at 3 pm ET and Wednesday at 8 pm ET we will be hosting a lobby and inviting all those who are interested. We are going to be hosting our first lobby this Saturday at 3 pm ET. If you are interested in participating leave your gamertag below or message me on XBL at Tricks GG. We are going to be running two 30 minute FFAs (1 on Truth and 1 on Regret) as opposed to one longer FFA due to the fact that we believe it will be more likely for people to stay in the lobby for the duration of the game as well as be easier to invite people between games. With regards to settings we are thinking of using Pistol/AR starts, No Power Weapons/Power-ups, Radar Enabled as we believe that these settings will best allow us to improve our 1v1 skill with weapons that are frequently used in 4v4 competition. If the majority of people prefer other settings we are open to change. We will be starting the game if we have 6 and capping the lobby at 8 (if people leave we will invite more during the FFA). If you express interest you will receive an invite around 2:55 pm on Saturday (or at 3:30 pm if we need more for our second game). With regards to skill level, all are welcome however, we do have a slight preference for those around our skill level. I am a 2426 in Arena and Champ 68 in FFA and my teammate is a 2665 in Arena. Nevertheless, don’t hesitate to contact me regardless of skill level.
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