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  1. I figured it out, this whole argument can be summed up with the question: is a coach a member of the team or an addition to the team?
  2. This would be pretty awesome, someone should get on it. I'm a sports guy at heart and love anything to do with stats
  3. Yeah, basically. It seems like the "stickiness" of the BR is the key for me. After I get the reticle on them, I can keep it there
  4. This is a prime example of what outsiders view the Halo community as. Good job repping your game, you all suck. My suggestion is, if you ever want Halo to become relevant again, you need to go change this image. And you need to start now
  5. I'm curious, rank your Halos in terms of skill. For H2, Reach, and H4, use post patch
  6. oh, so we're wanting a RESKINNED v7 Reach and you don't want it because of CARTOON GRAPHICS? What?
  7. Do you seriously believe that an inaccurate, random weapon with slow kills times is the best for Halo? I'm placing my stock in a single shot, precision weapon that can kill quickly. With a 4sk DMR, or hell, even 3sk DMR, not only do you get a starting weapon that can kill quickly, there is also no randomness to it. With a beefed up strafe, a single shot weapon makes for a better competitive game.
  8. Ha! Yeah, he's gotta be. There's no way someone is that dumb
  9. and why not? a straight up reskinned v7 would rival h2 and with tweaks, it could be the best since CE. With the right tweaks, it might even be better than CE
  10. same. before AGL8, I was trying really hard to get on and help make AGL awesome. However, only way I'd touch it now is if I took over the company. I'd probably rename it as well
  11. Really? I want to play with you then. I've been booted and had teammates booted so many times in the past few days, I can't count. I've also had really really laggy games other times. I think I've only gotten 3-6 decent MM games in the past week out of 50 or so
  12. Who are you kidding? This was terrible. After the double, the other guy doesn't even shoot
  13. Nope. The real reason people don't want to play reach v7 is because they associate everything to do with reach with default reach, a.k.a. bloom, sprint, and AAs.
  14. A solid argument for NS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=urn9g4ITSoQ Here's hoping NS is used soon
  15. Events are fun. It's an excuse to hang out with people that you don't get to very often.
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