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  1. I have been of the grid for some time...but are Mikwen going to start working at 343? If so...amazing news.
  2. Lol, it only took a couple of minutes. I didnt have to search so hard for it ;-) And it was much more fun than playing mcc. My family is on Aruba and I am home alone and kind of depressed. And grandkids, lol. I am not THAT old.
  3. Merry Christmas to my fellow Halo fans...I wish that Classic Halo will have a great 2019 with the HCS Grassroots and that Beyond will continue to be the goto place for Halo esport.
  4. So there are no Premium anymore? I have been a premium member for so many years. :-/
  5. Maybe I am just stupid but is it a reason why the header looks look it is drawn with a free hand?
  6. Last night I got banned after the connection was lost. I didn´t quit but still I was banned. Amazing :-/
  7. My unique "Beyond Fan" signature is gone. :-( But you guys are amazing so it is an acceptable collateral damage.
  8. Ranabundana set a new world record for H2 Legendary at 1:28:05 four days ago. Amazing.
  9. Have been playing around 100 games of MCC since last weekend. Well, MCC is incredible annoying. I cant kill anything and usually gets a KD around 0.5. After 17 years of Halo and around 20000 games I am usually better than that. It is like my BR is shooting health and everybody else is using a H4 binary rifle. I think I will go back to H5.
  10. All the Classic talk made me starting up MCC for the first time in two years....and the update is 73 GB... I have gigabit but that doesnt help much because the speed from Xbox Live is so slow. lol

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