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  1. I love fil, with some blueberry jam it is magic with any kind of cereals.
  2. OfT, but as a non native english speaker this is so funny.:-) Reminds me of this amazing stand up from a finnish guy on Conan.
  3. Amazing https://imgur.com/DLh8la3 (don't forget to have the sound on)
  4. Fantastic. Still, 14 years later, I have strong memories of waiting outside the game shop in the middle of the night, because they released it at 00:01. And then the following disappointment...I hated it. But then I started to love it. And I still do.
  5. Yeah, I think so. "Victory is Back" is a member of the Spartan Company "The Ninja Army" and that is Ninjas original clan. And in his old clips on the content browser there are some old pros playing with him (like FiS).
  6. I have been of the grid for some time...but are Mikwen going to start working at 343? If so...amazing news.
  7. Lol, it only took a couple of minutes. I didnt have to search so hard for it ;-) And it was much more fun than playing mcc. My family is on Aruba and I am home alone and kind of depressed. And grandkids, lol. I am not THAT old.
  8. Merry Christmas to my fellow Halo fans...I wish that Classic Halo will have a great 2019 with the HCS Grassroots and that Beyond will continue to be the goto place for Halo esport.
  9. So there are no Premium anymore? I have been a premium member for so many years. :-/

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