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  1. https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/teh sean w
  2. Are we going to see the individual votes from the jury members? That would be interesting, even if their were anonymous.
  3. Great idea! We need more Cortana.
  4. Because I am so old I can not resist to make a comparison with cars. In the beginning of the nineties I had the opportunity to do some racing. I sucked. Manually gearbox, naturally aspirated engine, low weight and absolutely no advanced driver assistance systems. You truly needed some serious skills and nerves to go fast. And being a passenger in a car driven by an experienced driver was an absolute thrill. Today I can pick up an electric car and smash the time laps from the nineties. And it will feel like going for a walk. Actually, soon I will not even have to drive the car around the track. A couple of years ago I had the opportunity to once again experience an old Porsche around the track (not with me as a driver, the car was way to expensive). What a rush! A Tesla 3 would have crush it but counting all the things that matters the most the Porsche easily wins. Halo CE was that pure and on the surface such a simple game. But it took forever to master it. Just as with an old school Porsche. Today´s cars are ingenious mechanical marvels. But in the end, imho, the true car driving experience is more or less gone. But still, I can enjoy it on it own merits. Halo Infinite will not play as Halo. In the same way a Porsche Carrera RS 3.8 is an entire different thing than a Porsche Taycan. Both are amazing cars but very different. And in the end I can only accept the development. 343 will never create an old school Halo. And Porsche will never create an old school Porsche. They were just to hard to drive and that is just not acceptable today.
  5. Time flies...many years since I played Halo. I will probably test this. To bad the teaser was so short and edited. Would love to see some actual game play.
  6. Those numbers were interesting. Seems big but 19 million hours in MP in a year is very low. Original Halo Reach had 263 million games played every month and that must be around 800 million hours in a year. So 42 times more than MCC.
  7. I would love to see a full documentary that goes through everything 343 has done. A three hour long horror movie with all their mistakes and lies and broken promises attacking the screen like zombies. A never ending massacre of the best franchise and the big mystery is why Microsoft still allows it. I don´t know if 3 hours is enough, maybe a Netflix miniseries. And the plot twist is that 343 are some kind of an advanced psychological testbed funded by PSYOP. I mean, we are still here like a bunch of lost souls waiting for a good end. They are probably monitoring our behavior.
  8. I have been of the track about the events the last weeks but I have to beat the dead horse one more time. When you think that 343 can´t shake your perception about reality anymore they do this. Remember it was ONLY 1 MONTH ago they had the press release and demo; filled with how awesome everything was with Infinity: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/news/campaign-evolved And this a week later: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/news/infinite-inquiries I can´t believe that the management is so incredible disconnected. Something must be extremely wrong if they show the demo, and then postpone the release "after the feedback" 3 weeks later. It was of course planned from the beginning. The same thing as with MCC, they knew. If not, that is even worse news for Halos future. And now Staten will "supporting the talented and creative leaders", according to Waypoint. Well, good luck Mr. Staten. I am a big fan of your work.
  9. Great to hear son. And you tell the truth. But still, I have another truth. I'm the old man on Beyond. I could be your father, and probably the grandfather of many of you. When I started playing Halo, I was older than most of you are now. I have been married for 25 years, I have grown children and my career has been long and rewarding. I have lots of interests outside of computer games. Gardening, bird watching, astronomy, traveling, good food and wine. None of my friends play computer games. I do not have any friends online, mostly because I realize I'm an old man (in this specific world). But as many of you will discover one day, part of your mind gets stuck at the age of 17. So it is for me, and computer games and especially Halo keeps my mind young and occupied. I don´t want to "grow up" and leave gaming for good. To "love" and "hate" Halo is kind of fun. At the end of the day it does not crawl under my skin. Things that creates passion in life is usually a good thing. To be passionate is to live. In reality, I don´t hate 343 or actually love any Halo game. One cannot diminish hate and love so much that it can be applied to a computer game. Not in my age anyway. So what you experience as something that takes energy from you is actually what gives me some energy. And that is the way it should be. Every part of life has it content and meaning. I have learned a long time ago what is important in life and to be able to be passionate without becoming obsessed is a good thing. I'm passionate about Halo; I have played tens of thousands of matches, and have passed all games on legendary many times. Well, my wife actually thinks I am obsessed but she is to old to understand the importance of killing grunts and collecting imaginary medals. Some of the Halo games are much more fun than others and as a demanding customer, I want to experience more of the best Halo. And I know it is a market for a great Halo game. And I want it. So therefore I am here, following the news and the opinions of other Halo gamers. Best of luck with the house and soon to be wife. For me, that was an awesome time in life. :-)
  10. This is 343 in a nutshell: 23 july on their webpage: After the preview: So from "section of the final game", "polished and pretty enough", "the engine, art and technology that brings this latest iteration of Halo to life", "incredible demo". Too.. "Negative feedback includes...flat...dull...objects pop-in...we are in agreement here...we do have work to do....the team is committed and focused on making sure we have a beautiful world for players to explore when we launch." It is so MCC all over again. Remember their "We Will Rock You"-ad that aired a week before MCC launced?
  11. And when they need to address a negative they commented it´s like this (latest community update): "We’ve all laughed very hard at the nonstop stream of Craig memes the community is cranking out." Wtf? Craig is a hard hitting ridicule on your effort and work, and you are all laughing very hard? Even the artists behind it? Was it fun to watch that the biggest news about Infinite was a low quality drawing of an ape? Are 343 a sect or something?
  12. And when he says... "And there are some technical challenges the team has set for themselves on multiplayer" "The multiplayer in Halo Infinite I think is going to be special when we talk about it." "So it's cool to see the team continue to iterate on things that the community loves."
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