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  1. Agreed, this would be a huge improvement.
  2. My point is when get out of jail free abilities exist, then the TTKs are too slow. Sprint/clamber wouldn't be get out of jail free abilities if the gun you spawned with was able to kill opponents before they can retreat. A 1.2 sec TTK BR/pistol may be fine in a Halo game without sprint/clamber, but it's too slow in modern Halo's design. Imagine the reaction from the CoD crowd if the minimum TTKs were equal to the H5 pistol.
  3. Right, like get out of jail free abilities (sprint/clamber) combined with guns that were too weak to kill opponents before they retreat to safety.
  4. Lol yeah you must not have been here when H5 first released. You can go back through old posts on this site if you'd like.
  5. Everyone here said the same about Halo 5 up until the honeymoon phase passed. You'll see the same thing happen with any Halo game that has slow TTKs + get out of jail free abilities.
  6. ...and gave it sprint, clamber, bloom, recoil, glint, longer TTKs, no button combos, etc... It's the worst parts of Halo 3 + a dash of reach.
  7. I think it's crazy that 343 continues to recycle the same design that has failed to retain a playerbase for the the last decade.
  8. Get a load of mister "the H3 BR is not random" pretending to care about what is and isn't competitive.
  9. I had high hopes for this weapon after hearing it was originally an M6D clone. Very disappointed with the finished product.
  10. If that BR was the gun we spawned with in ranked & there truly was no point to picking up any other weapon (which is debatable), I'd still have a lot more fun playing the game. The current ranked settings are a chore to play when you feel powerless. But yes, ideally the entire sandbox would get buffed & power item timers would be faster.
  11. I'd love to see the Carbine from splitgate in Halo Infinite, but that would really throw a wrench in 343's strict anti-utility weapon game design.
  12. Just like H3. 343 keeps repeating mistakes from the past.
  13. Really is a shame that those rumored headshot multiplayers aren't in the game.
  14. Similar TTK (infinite is just a tad slower) + effective range. Notice the distance at which a 4sk becomes a 10sk despite perfect aim in this clip: https://streamable.com/mb922x Compare that to this vid, starting at roughly 35 sec in
  15. And losing. Just like when you were trying to argue that the H3 BR's spread isn't random.
  16. But you seem to have a raging hard-on for a 1.6 sec TTK BR that doesn't shoot straight with sprint and clamber.
  17. Uh huh. So it sounds like you're delusional enough to believe that infinite will de-throne CoD and CS. You're in for a rude awakening in a few months when this game's population tanks like the last 3 Halo games.
  18. No, it's because your gun isn't strong enough to kill someone before they sprint/strongside to safety. It's why CoD and CS have thriving populations while halo has been dead since reach.
  19. It's a fact that slower TTKs mean I can be way out of position & not get punished for it because your BR can't kill me before I sprint back to safety. Long TTKs reward slower reaction times, allow players to get away with bad decision making, and shrinks the skill gap. That's not an opinion. If you prefer halo games with smaller skill gaps, then just say it.
  20. Oh hey toast. It's slow because the RoF is slow. Doesn't need to be a 3sk to speed up the TTK, you can keep it a 4sk and just make the gun shoot faster. You get that 3sk/4sk is not a TTK, right? Or are you still struggling with this concept? Edit - maybe I'm misinterpreting, but it sounds like you're liking halo infinite? I knew H3 kids would like this game.
  21. Agree to disagree. The video demonstrates that an already slow 4sk becomes a 10sk when at, what I would call, a reasonable amount of distance, despite aiming directly at the head because the gun doesn't shoot straight. I think this is sufficient in illustrating how individuals are powerless in Halo infinite vs other popular FPS games.
  22. Apples and oranges - the TTKs are so fast in CS/valorant that holding down the trigger is something that should be punished when you have the potential to execute a 1hk. Doesn't really translate to Halo. I'd also argue that the distance where bullets stopped shooting straight in the video is hardly long range. Feels a lot like the range at which the H3 BR's bullets would spread, which I think we can agree was far too short.
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