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  1. "Lead" (projectile) makes it harder to hit targets at a distance. You can have a range limit without making your bullets disappear or spread past a certain distance.
  2. Please, do yourself a favor https://www.time4writing.com/
  3. I've seen so many empty threats from people here over the years, "if the next Halo has sprint I'm done," "I'm not playing a Halo game that has bloom" etc... Then these same people buy and/or play the game anyway. Practice what you preach. Infinite's steam numbers are tanking which is great, now become part of the solution until a Halo game with decent gameplay is available.
  4. This is the same guy that doesn't think the H3 BR spread is random.
  5. A game where you can pump 6 shots into an opponent only for them to safely sprint away results in an experience most people simply move on from without really thinking about it. Not only do long TTKs make halo less skillful, they also drive casual players away. Nobody likes feeling powerless in a shooter, and this the BR in Halo infinite: https://streamable.com/mb922x
  6. They don't complain about it, they just choose to play other games like CoD or CS which have much faster TTKs.
  7. Because you're wilfully ignorant. Slower TTKs mean you don't have to play as smart. You said it yourself, I can make a stupid play and sprint away to safety even if I'm out of position because the BR can't kill me before I escape. Faster TTKs make the game more competitive. You can't run away if you're out of position and team plays can become more complex than simply teamshooting.
  8. Just admit you arent ready to take off your training wheels.
  9. Look, if you don't want halo to be competitive and just be forgiven for making dumb mistakes like the rest of r/halo, just say it.
  10. No? So you don't want to get punished for having bad positioning?
  11. The BRs TTK is too slow because I could be way out of position & you won't be able to kill me before I sprint back to safety.
  12. Almost as dumb of an addition as bloom and recoil.
  13. This is how the general public feels about long TTK FPS games like Halo, which is why the series is way less popular than CoD and CS despite being the king of online gaming in the H2-H3 era. 343 needs to stop living in the past. It's time for Halo to evolve and make players feel effective without needing help from teammates.
  14. The masses have spoken by choosing to play games like CoD and CS over halo.
  15. Players love feeling weak in FPS games. It's why Halo Reach, H4, and H5's population numbers blew games like CoD and CS out of the water.
  16. It's called having standards. And yes, I'm unlikely to enjoy a game that doesn't meet my standards.
  17. Posting about how bad this game sucks is a lot more fun than actually playing it.
  18. More like a few minutes here & there during my downtime, but I appreciate your concern.
  19. Spending more time posting about how shitty infinite is instead of playing it? Yep, here I am.
  20. Is it your position that this can't happen with CE-level TTKs?
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