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  1. So is r/halo. Hopefully you're starting to realize that stuff you see on social media is not indicative of the masses.
  2. Reach shed 30% of it's playerbase after the franchise's most successful title for no reason other than the gameplay being horrible, and if infinite's gameplay was actually well liked it would at least get better population numbers than destiny 2.
  3. Let's not forget about viewership for tournaments/twitch streams.
  4. Uh huh, so what's the excuse for the population tanking in Halo Reach, Halo 4, and Halo 5 while CoD, CS, etc... were thriving?
  5. Apparently you can't convince the masses that long TTKs are a good thing either since infinite's population is currently tanking (more people are on destiny 2 according to steamcharts) while fast TTK FPS games continue to thrive. r/halo is not indicative of the masses, otherwise halo would have a larger population than CS and CoD.
  6. So wait, is the H3 BR's spread not random? Or is it random but 'barely noticeable?' CE's fast TTKs forced you to play smarter - you don't have time to run away from an unfavorable gunfight in CE unlike H3/infinite.
  7. It's an unconscious thing. People don't bring it up, they just write off Halo as too "old school" without bothering to find out why they feel that way and go play fast TTK games like CoD instead. The population numbers don't lie. r/halo doesn't represent a majority of FPS players.
  8. I'd prefer projectile, but I'm also fine with a mostly useless sandbox if it means we finally get to spawn with a utility weapon that has a decent TTK. I'm admittedly single-issue minded on this, and I do think that other FPS players take issue with how long it takes to get kills in Halo compared to other popular FPS games like CoD, CS, Valorant, etc... I'd argue Reach, H4, and H5 had low populations for the same reason. Call me stubborn, but I can't enjoy a halo game with such a long TTK. Wish 343 copied CoD's TTKs instead of Overwatch's.
  9. I'd argue that aiming at the chest to get a headshot is bad game design. Also, my biggest gripe is the optimal TTK itself. 1.6 sec is too long to feel effective as a lone wolf, recoil only exaggerates the problem. I felt the same about H3 - fix the netcode and remove the spread, you still have a gun that takes too long to kill. I don't think it's a silly reason to write the game off, and looking at steamcharts, I think many others agree.
  10. I don't agree. The BR's recoil virtually makes the gun as inaccurate as the H3 BR. I'd argue it's bad game design to make the utility weapon that inaccurate even when aiming directly at the head just because you aren't scoped in. I don't enjoy this game at all because I don't like feeling weak in a shooter. I don't have any of the maps' names memorized because I don't care enough, and I don't see myself breaking 10 hrs of game time (I'm currently at 5 on steam) because the starting gun makes me feel just as gimped as H3. It's sad seeing the forerunner in destiny. I'd be grinding Infinite daily if we spawned with that gun. Edit - I will concede that infinite has the best strafe in a long time. Not that it makes a difference for me with the current BR/sidekick, but I'll give 343 credit for finally making the strafe useful. Much better than H3.
  11. Disagree with you on this, infinite's BR doesn't feel any different from the H3 BR to me. Compare this: https://streamable.com/mb922x To the 30ish sec mark in this vid:
  12. IIRC, bravo asked why throwing the oddball was competitive & why wouldn't the leading team just repeatedly throw the ball off the map. Kevin responded that it was just more fun to not throw the ball off the map.
  13. The fact that you think H1 and H3 are comparable proves you're clueless. Please, educate yourself:
  14. If they'll tolerate infinite, they'll be fine with anything.
  15. Burst fire is less skillful than single shot. Fact.
  16. All maps suck with trash starting weapons like the H3/Infinite BR.
  17. So Chill Out and Damnation aren't competitive maps?
  18. Are controllers also the reason why the population tanked in Halo reach, halo 4, and halo 5?
  19. Uh huh. Let's see how you feel in a few months.
  20. You're the "heated halo" guy, right? Didn't you go on a similar pro-343 rampage right after halo 5 came out, then admitted you were simply lost in the honeymoon phase & never touched halo 5 afterward? You aren't feeling any deja vu with your current 343 love affair?
  21. ...says the guy whose only gameplay-related issue with infinite is glint.
  22. If only that was the sidekick... I've never played a destiny game before, but I'm tempted to buy the latest DLC for that pistol.
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