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  1. It's almost like the TTKs need to get buffed to balance sprint.
  2. It's a shame the BR isn't strong enough to balance sprint.
  3. Months ago, I was wondering what your preferred cop out to explain infinite's unpopularity would be. It's 100% gameplay related, nobody likes shooting the same guy over and over just to watch them escape, but I look forward to "zOMG iTs mNk gAmePlAy iz fINe tHe mASseS aGReE" posts from you for the next 10 years.
  4. The people who play halo for a week and then go back to CoD ARE the masses, the population numbers don't lie. If r/halo was representative of the masses, Halo's population would be higher than CoD, CS, Valorant. I wonder how much positive social media content around CS pops up in your feed. None? And yet CS has a higher population than Halo? Take some time to process that.
  5. Didn't we already cover how r/halo and targeted social media content does not represent the masses?
  6. It's not fun pumping 5-6 BR shots into an out-of-position opponent only for them to sprint to safety. Halo Infinite is not fun to play. It should be, but the developers made horrible game design choices and are now paying for it with a declining population. Checking Halo Infinite's population on steamcharts is more fun than playing the game.
  7. bUt whAt aBOuT tHe pOPulAtiOn oN cOnsOLe, iM suRe iTs dOInG fiNe
  8. This sandbox is extremely weak, not sure wtf you're talking about.
  9. The BR's ttk doesn't work well. The BR's ttk is good.
  10. They already stole overwatch's TTKs, why not steal their gametypes as well?
  11. Ironic coming from the guy that argues players expect to be able to sprint, clamber, slide, etc... in Halo.
  12. Right, because CoD, CS, and Valorant get that all the time.
  13. Halo would be in a much better state as a battle royal. Long, drawn out gunfights where players have a generous amount of time to escape are much more tolerable in single life/limited respawn modes.
  14. Yeah better gameplay definitely wouldn't make any difference.
  15. Halo 3 wouldn't have been popular if it weren't for Halo 1 and 2.
  16. The majority of FPS players look like they'll die on this hill, since they're all playing CoD, CS, etc... instead of Halo.
  17. It's way more precise than you could imagine. Take it from someone that works in the industry.
  18. 343 probably would have buffed the TTKs in that scenario.
  19. It's the honeymoon phase? It's also trending down astonishingly fast for a game with Halo's brand recognition, no different from Reach, H4, and H5. Game is dead by April.
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