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  1. Yeah it's way less forgiving when you can get killed in a half second, can't get away with making stupid plays. Sounds like Overwatch is the game for you!
  2. Just admit you don't want to die too fast. It's okay if you aren't ready to take off the training wheels.
  3. Ease of use + long TTKs = safety in numbers meta
  4. Big takeaway here: stay in school.
  5. H3 really conditioned you to training wheel-level TTKs.
  6. Mangler is fine, the BR is too weak.
  7. There are so few maps in Halo infinite, yet I still don't have any of their names memorized & don't care to.
  8. Glad to see that linear aggression meta is back.
  9. H3 would have been so much better with that pistol.
  10. McDonald's is healthier than Burger King!
  11. Are you describing how long TTKs impact gameplay here?
  12. Quite a change in tone from the days of you passionately arguing that the H3 BR did not have a random spread on one of your 75+ toast accounts. Remember when you were making comments about how 'sprint shouldn't be considered in discussions about TTKs?' Or how 'TTKs are more relevant in CoD and less in Halo?' Now it seems you're backtracking and admitting that TTKs should be faster when we have advanced movement. Did you actually absorb something over the past few months?
  13. If the BR's TTK was optimal, "get out of jail free" cards wouldn't exist.
  14. I still find 4v4 games pretty quick.
  15. The current TTKs don't work for halo, yes.
  16. The only reason it's a get out of jail free card is because the TTKs are too slow.
  17. You've argued that long BR TTKs make teamwork more important (which you're wrong about), why don't long powerup activation times also make teamwork more important? Why not also make reload times longer? Why not make melee recovery times longer? You love slow paced halo, own it.
  18. If the TTKs shouldn't be faster, why should powerup activation be faster? If you can tolerate a BR TTK which can't balance sprint, I'm pretty sure you can tolerate slow powerup activation times.
  19. So you don't like how long it takes to activate a powerup, but you're fine with how long it takes to kill a sprinting opponent with the BR ...
  20. Can't wait to see the rest of this edit
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