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  1. Another gametype that should have been in the rotation.
  2. Good question. Anyone remember epicenter bomb?
  3. There are some whack gametypes in the rotation. Pit, narrows, construct and amp aren't good slayer maps.
  4. An increase in difficulty should come with an increase in power.
  5. Saying something has more competitive merit than halo 3 isn't saying much. Also, why did shadowrun fail on the mlg scene. That game, objectively speaking, has more competitive merit than halo 2, halo 3, halo reach, and halo 4 combined. Yet it only lasted one event. You see how popularity and competitive merit are two completely different things? Call of duty is super popular on the competitive console scene right now, I guess it has more competitive merit than halo, right?
  6. I guess nickelback and Brittany spears are constantly pushing the boundaries of compositional innovation because they have a lot of fans. Hopefully you see the flaws in this argument. I'll have a lot more things to say about the lack of competitive merit in halo 3 once I have a bit more free time, but I just had to respond to this comment because its so horribly flawed.
  7. They'll probably be all, "Hey everyone, check it out! Everyone's going back to halo 3! They must love the BR randomness, it's fun! How about for halo 5, we make the utility weapons all have random spread and not register on the occasion even when aimed properly"
  8. A game with such a minuscule amount of competitive merit doesn't deserve support from the competitive community. Also, I would rather watch my grandparents and 5 year old nephew play halo CE than Walshy, T2, the ogre twins, pistola, zyos, snipedown, and any other pro play halo 3 because the former has more competitive merit. That said, I would much rather watch random teams that nobody has heard of play reach than well known teams play h3
  9. Bloodshots still happen on LAN. The number of bloodshots I've seen in streamed mlg tournaments...
  10. Halo 3 actually does a very poor job of testing map movement and positioning. This is partially because of the BR since its so useless that it not only takes forever to kill people, but the range is so shitty that it doesn't punish players for being out of position. At any given time in halo 3, I'm pretty safe from being shot. In addition, we used 3 minute timers for power weapons (for some stupid reason) so we wouldn't see pushes too often unless the power weapons were spawning. Until then, teams could just sit and wait near ther spawn for the enemy team to push through the choke points of the map. Not a very skill intensive playstyle; it would be much better if players were encouraged to zone the map and run multiple strategies at once as opposed to clustering together for the lowest level of teamwork; teamshooting. Unfortunately, as long as we're stuck with a utility weapon as useless as the BR, this style of gameplay is forced down everyone's throats. Halo 3's ranking system is telling me that, as a level 48, I am only 2 level away from pro status. That's complete bullshit. Reach's ranking system pretty much accomplishes the same thing as halo 3's ranking system; absolutely nothing. Why are we discussing matchmaking when talking about which game should get tournament support? We might as well talk about equipment and AR starts while we're at it. Reach tests your brain by a greater margin than halo 3 because the game punishes you harder for making mistakes; you can do this with the ZB DMR, not so much with the h3 BR. How many roster changes did final boss undergo during their halo 3 career? Lets consider the consistency of team placings from 2008-2010. All over the place. What skills get tested in halo 3 that aren't in reach? Surely not map positioning since the BR doesn't punish a player very much for being out of position. Surely not strafing skills since halo 3's strafing mechanics are a joke. Surely not melee skills since both players die in a simultaneous melee fight. Because you spawn with not only a consistent but also effective weapon in Reach, map positioning becomes more important, the power weapons become harder to use (which is good) and teamshooting isn't as forced. Which other types of skill shine in halo 3? I can't recall...
  11. Here's a question; if halo 3 did get picked up, would we stick with the v8 settings? I remember strong support for having only one gametype per map back in the day, thus allowing forgers to make each map play to it's best gametype to the greatest extent and enhancing the spectator experience by increasing map variety. Would you halo 3 supporters be open to this idea?
  12. Wouldn't a tournament accomplish this? What is there to test in halo 3? How lucky you get with the random netcode whose inconsistencies can't even be negated by playing on system link? Furthermore, the ranking system in halo 3 is awful. I could never break a 30 in halo 2, yet had no problem getting a 48 within the first two weeks of halo 3's release. A ranking system does not make shots register. A ranking system does not make the BR spread consistent.
  13. It's not that halo 3 has more to offer, but it's rather the easier game of the two. Halo 3 has a smaller skill gap than zbns reach and people think games with smaller skill gaps are more fun. It's sad that the competitive community has become a victim of this way of thinking, but there are only so many times I can reference to shots not registering at a MLG LAN event.
  14. Halo 3's utility weapon is random, inconsistent, and lacks the range to punish players out of position because it can't cross map on any of halo 3's maps. Reach's utility weapon is single shot, which requires more skill than burst fire, and I've never seen a bloodshot once at a LAN event, and hardly have I seen bloodshots online. Can't say the same thing about halo 3. It seems there are a few things you're forgetting about if you think halo 3 has more going for itself than Reach. Remember that joke of a melee system where both players die in a simultaneous bash war because the netcode was so awful that the developers couldn't do much else with it?
  15. Only in terms of sales and popularity. As far as functionality and competitive merit goes, you do know that shots wouldn't register on LAN, and this was something that would happen on mlg streams, right?
  16. ZBNS Reach is a more competitive game than mlg v8 halo 3.
  17. Ditch BR starts. Give us the option to choose between all rifles, or force carbine/LR/DMR starts. Anything is better than BR starts- I will for sure watch tournament streams if BR starts aren't enforced.
  18. Nice, I do this with my friends once in a while. Try this; Multi flag CTF- kills get your team one point, flag caps get you 50 points 2 rounds, 7 minutes each round, teams switch sides each round, unlimited score to win round BR starts, no duals, no radar, weapons respawn double time Run this on Lockout, Ivory Tower, Gemeni, Turf, and Ascension. Thank me at the end of the weekend. Otherwise... Colossus- Multi flag, snipes Backwash- TS, Ball, CTF, Bomb, 3 plot Turf- 3 plot, multi flag Foundation- CTF, Hill, Ball, Bomb Ivory Tower- 3 plot, multi flag Sanctuary- CTF, bomb, 3 plot Creek- CTF, 3 plot, TS Midship- CTF, bomb, ball, TS Warlock- hill, CTF, bomb, ball, TS Gemini- 3 plot, multi flag Desolation- ball, bomb, TS, hill, 3 plot Using all mlg base settings of course.
  19. I'm afraid that the game wouldn't port to a more current console well. Anyone here play Halo CE on a 360? It feels like I'm playing with input lag, even on a tube TV.
  20. Bias. You see, Ryanoob started playing Halo after the golden years. All he knows is Linear Aggression Halo and he doesn't want that to change due to fear of not being able to compete as well as he has in the lesser skilled Halo games. The killer is that people making money off of a game have influencing power on the series' future installments. The developers see players like Ryanoob praising the lesser skilled Halo titles and model the sequels after the lesser skilled Halo games. They think, "Well, this guy competes and makes money off the game, so his opinion must represent a decent proportion of the competitive communities' opinions." In a way, it's Ryanoob's fault that Halo sucks, and it's also his fault that Halo 5 and 6 will suck. It's just unfortunate that Ryanoob doesn't know anything about how to craft a solid Halo game with a large skill gap, but as I said earlier, I'm happy he isn't on the development team.
  21. It's actually been closer to 8-9 years since a good Halo title has been released. Halo 3 is far from a good Halo game. My shots should register on LAN at least.
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