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  1. Yeah, it's not like Halo infinite has had a massive population drop or anything.
  2. NoBodY oUtsIde tHis foRUm tALks aBouT tTks
  3. Just like advanced movement. Guess sprint is good for Halo according to your logic.
  4. Similar TTK, aiming at the head is a 10sk, generous aim assist, hit reg issues, team meta is the same, etc... Really doesn't matter how much we dumb it down for you. It's like when we linked you to that bungie post where they explained that the H3 BR had random spread and you still argued that the spread wasn't random. You probably still believe that the H3 BR spread wasn't random.
  5. Compare this: https://streamable.com/mb922x To the 30ish sec mark in this vid:
  6. Not sure you know what this word means. Still think you should check this out https://writingblueprints.com/p/writing-course-ages-6-10
  7. Get over yourself, you love this game. It's Halo 3 with advanced movement.
  8. If Halo 3 was a good game I wouldn't be able to critique it. You probably still think the BR spread isn't random lol.
  9. Just admit it, you can't survive without sweep shooting & generously long TTKs.
  10. It's kinda been that way ever since the buckley v valeo supreme court ruling in the 70s.
  11. Would love to be able to post the Crash Course in Competitive Halo videos
  12. mlgpro.com and the Halo council would like to have a word.
  13. Oh okay so you must remember Puckett calling out bloodshots on LAN while he was casting? Cause he did that pretty often at H3 events.
  14. You obviously weren't on the MLG forums in 2008.
  15. ... says the guy that doesn't think H3's BR spread is random.
  16. How many kills can you get with the stalker rifle before needing to reload?
  17. They can put a million weapons in the sandbox for all I care as long as one of them, just one, functions like a utility weapon without an abysmally long TTK.
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