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  1. Yeah, and their respective TTKs. There's nuance between each modern Halo game, no different than the nuance between H2 and H3. From a higher level view however, modern Halo games & classic Halo games fall into separate buckets. Infinite will fall into the former. Whether or not it has thrust, GP, sprint/slide/thrust combo, etc... roughly amounts to the same difference H2 & H3 have over a lack of button combos, how each game handles simultaneous melee fights, strafe responsiveness, etc... These differences matter at the margins, but Infinite won't be a fundamentally different game than Reach - H5 in the same way that OG halo is fundamentally different than modern Halo.
  2. Wow I didn't know they're bringing that back. Jesus christ this game is going to suck. Don't know why, but I'm still holding out hope for a permanent matchmaking playlist with no advanced movement. Not sure I'll ever try this game otherwise.
  3. 100% disagree on this. It doesn't matter if sprint speed is slower, it's still going to define the game's pace, unless the guns all have much faster TTKs & I think we both know that's not going to happen. I know we're scrutinizing on this, but Infinite's multiplayer gameplay is not going to be anywhere near close to OG. Either the game has advanced movement or it doesn't. So long as it's there, it's going to play like a modern Halo game.
  4. I'm perplexed by the 'Infinite will echo OG halo/Infinite is mechanically moving in the direction of the original trilogy' comments. Unless you're referring to a less linear campaign? Advanced movement is the major mechanical difference between modern and OG Halo. I'm predicting Infinite's multiplayer will be no different than Halo 5.
  5. No, we actually love projectile - part of the reason Halo 1 was so great was because you had to lead your shots with the pistol. The problem with the H3 BR is that the TTK is too long, the range is too short, the bullet spread is RNG, and the netcode makes bloodshots happen too often, even on LAN.
  6. You can always count on reamis to be willfully ignorant.
  7. Think you'd really benefit from this https://writingblueprints.com/p/writing-course-ages-6-10
  8. You know there's a specific thread specific for your ignorant blabbering, right?
  9. All of your halo-related thoughts are wrong, toast. Trust me.
  10. The utility's damage output, range, consistency (RNG spread vs no spread, netcode consistency), abilities designed to keep you alive longer (bubble shield, health regen, sprint, etc...) all impact killtimes. Any response as to why teamshooting should be the only viable strategy in Halo? Or why your utility shouldn't be strong enough to punish opponents being out of position, down a shot, etc...?
  11. TTKs were slowed down due to Halo's playtesting team being horrible at the game and giving awful feedback to bungie. Feel free to counter if you have a point to make here. I actually already explained this to you, but: 1. Longer TTKs are less punishing. If you're caught in a bad position or down a shot in a gunfight, you dont have the luxury of strongsiding to safety when TTKs are faster. Let me know if you have an argument as to why more forgiving gameplay is better for Halo. 2. Longer TTKs turn the game into teamshooting only. Your gun isnt strong enough to take out opponents on your own, it's why you never see BRs in H3 montages. With faster TTKs, you need to be able to do more than just teamshoot. Let me know if you have an argument as to why teamshooting should be the only viable team strategy in Halo.
  12. If you're asking why the developers chose to double the utility weapon's minimum TTK from CE to H2 & 3, it's probably because their scrub playertester's feedback was "waaaah I dont like how I die so fast" Feel free to explain why, I'll let you know why you're wrong. No. The only gun in Halo 1's sandbox that is totally worthless is the needler. Any gun that's not a utility or power weapon in Halo 2 and 3 is worthless. What's the point of a bigger sandbox if most of it is worthless? You dont have to take my word for it - go compare Halo 2 & 3 MLG gameplay to Halo 1 Beach LAN. Notice how much team strategy opens up with the CE pistol. I'm not actually arguing for a teamshootingless game, I'm arguing for a game where teamshooting isnt the only viable strategy. Halo CE showed how to achieve fast TTKs while avoiding 'who-sees-who-first' gunfights. CoD, counter strike, valorant, etc... roll halo right now because the TTKs are too long. Nobody likes feeling powerless in a shooter.
  13. 3sk gives you less room for error vs 4sk which makes it more skillful and makes 1v1s more competitive, but again, it's the fast TTK that makes the overall game play better. You can have a 4sk utility with the same TTK as the 3sk pistol by upping the ROF. You actually didnt answer how long TTKs are better for Halo's design, gunplay, maps, meta, skill gap, etc... all you said was, "it's just better." Let us know when you have a case to make for long TTKs.
  14. TTK is one of, if not the most important aspects of an FPS. Halo's population has been in the gutter for a decade and long TTKs are to blame because nobody likes feeling powerless in an FPS. Beyond that, long TTKs make Halo less competitive by forgiving bad plays more & restricting the meta to teamshooting only. If you want to make an argument about why long TTKs are good for halo, make your case. Beyond minimum TTK, I also mentioned that single shot is more skillful than burst fire, random RNG bullet spread makes the game less competitive, 3sk is more punishing than 4sk, and the lack of a difference between avg and minimum TTK makes Halo less competitive.
  15. Why do weaker utility weapons make map design better? Why do weaker utility weapons lead to better weapon sandboxes? How do weaker utility weapons make strafing a better mechanic? How do weaker utility weapons make 'design' better? Why do weaker utility weapons which dont punish mistakes as much make 1v1s more competitive? Why do weaker utility weapons make the game more competitive & allow for a better experience? Why cant games with weaker utility weapons, like Halo Reach - Halo 5, attract an audience as large as CoD, counter strike, etc...?
  16. Stronger utilities (both in terms of range and TTK) punish mistakes harder & allow you to kill opponents without always needing another teammate's assistance. The meta can develop beyond just teamshooting with a stronger utility. That's not to say teamshooting isnt an effective strategy in CE, but CE's TTKs give you the freedom to run plays where you aren't always in your teammates' LOS. Weaker utilities in H2 and H3 limit the number of viable strategies in the game which reduces the skill gap. Taking a step back from competitive merit and weighing the 'whole experience,' players dont like feeling powerless in a shooter. Reach, H4 and H5 are unpopular vs games like CoD, CS, valorant, etc... because it takes so long to kill opponents, players feel useless on their own. The numbers show that this is not a fun experience, otherwise Reach-H5 would have been more popular. CE showed us you can have fast TTKs without gunfights turning into 'who-sees-who-first.'
  17. In my mind it's less about the number of shots to kill and more about the TTK. However, you could make the argument that a 3sk with slower ROF is more punishing - if you miss a shot, you need to wait a longer amount of time before you can correct your mistake compared to a 4sk. That said, I wouldnt have any issues with a CE pistol that was 4sk but faster ROF so that the minimum TTK is the same.
  18. Why is burst fire better than single shot? Burst fire allows you to sweep shoot, giving you an easier final headshot vs single shot. The H2 and H3 BRs have TTKs twice as long as the CE pistol, neutering your ability to be effective with just the BR. Why is a weaker utility good? The BR's avg TTKs in H2 and H3 are pretty much equal to their respective minimum TTKs (thanks to generous levels of aim assist and bullet magnetism) compared to the CE pistol where there's a gap between min and avg TTK. Why is it better to have a utility with no difference between min and avg TTK? The BR in H3 has maybe 1/3rd of the CE pistol's range. Check out the vid below where aiming directly at an idle player's head gives you a 9sk (should be a 4sk) where the CE pistol gives you a 3sk at the same range (about 33 seconds in): Why is it good to have a utility with such a low amount of range? The Halo 3 BR has a random, uncontrollable bullet spread - notice in the video below how the bullets randomly spread out as they hit green wall: Why is it good to have RNG determine where your bullets land? If the BR's rifle skin is the main benefit vs the pistol, why not just make BR single shot with all of the CE pistol's mechanics? 3sk, long range, projectile, etc...
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