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  1. Right? Why cant every halo experience be as consistent as Halo 3?
  2. The personnel on this site has really taken a nosedive - there aren't enough total posters here to dilute the sewage.
  3. Dont say "IMO" because it's not an opinion that shadowrun implemented crosshair bloom better than reach, it is a non-disputable fact. The one shitty thing about SR's bloom was that it expanded anytime you moved your right stick, even if you were sitting idle. The devs did this to try and balance PC and console crossplay. Still not debatable that SR bloom > Reach bloom.
  4. TS is h3's worst gametype in general, regardless of the map. Back in 08/09, Killa KC (MLG's main gametype tester) floated the idea of strictly running CTF for the pro circuit since that's H3's best gametype. There was no way pro players would let MLG get away with removing gametypes they had been grinding for months, but KC was on to something. Not sure if this small H3 revival makes a gametype overhaul worthwhile, but we shouldnt be running TS gametypes in 4v4 esports for h3.
  5. I'm a big fan of round-based two flag CTF on asymmetrical maps (teams switch sides each round). MLG used to do something like this in CE on maps like damnation and rat race.
  6. For real that CE 2v2 tournament was amazing. Huge thanks to the casters, community members who lent their equipment, and all others that made it happen. Hoping to see more CE at halo esports events, havent had that much fun spectating Halo since MLG 2007 (excluding beach lan). Honestly, CE has aged better than any other halo game and deserves the spotlight.
  7. I think this is the most likely scenario given that the developers have demonstrated with each new Halo game that they cant make good decisions, even if they have a pro team in house.
  8. Sure, but do you trust the developers to make good decisions with that information? If they had the best players in the world playtesting Infinite and found that average utility weapon kill times were equal to minimum kill times at the highest possible tier of gameplay, I wouldnt expect the devs to make a good decision with that information, which would be to reduce bullet mag/aim assist. Rather, I would expect them to make no adjustments to the utility weapon or, worse, add RNG.
  9. Great point that deserves attention. From Ogre 2's "no bloom=no skill" comment, ghostayame's "halo 3 is more competitive than halo 2" argument, Ryanoob's "halo 4 is the best" statement, Chig's "are you sure the H3 BR isnt 5sk" misunderstanding, and the pro's general indifference on crap like sprint, I dont trust a group of Halo pros to influence game design in a positive direction. Anyone remember when the pros were saying "H4 feels like Halo?" Just because they play the game a lot doesnt mean they understand what's best from a game design perspective, much like how eating a lot of food doesnt make you a pro chef.
  10. They're having heated debates over whether or not to let Spartans go prone.
  11. When the current generation of casual halo players think the game is better with sprint, and the current generation of competitive halo players think countdown and zealot are good maps. #haloisdead
  12. We still have hope for the new Halo game? I forgot what that feels like.
  13. Nah, the H3 BR was designed to be clunky and random. Here's a post from H3's devs defending their decision to make the BR random: https://halo.bungie.net/news/content.aspx?cid=14347#Start
  14. How about power ITEMS instead of just rockets? The game is slow AF, and OS/camo's current timers contribute to that (among several other factors, of course)
  15. Can you imagine how much better h3 would be with power items on 60-90 second timers?
  16. Is timing info available for the event? I'm wondering if the drive from Chicago would be worth it.
  17. Yes, the bottom feeders. Individual powerlessness (long kill times, no range, etc...) is the reason why Halo stopped being fun (and competitive). Nobody has fun putting 6 BR shots into an opponent from a mere 20 ft only to watch them escape, much like how nobody has fun spamming 8 DMR shots at an opponent just to watch them sprint away.

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