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  1. So we probably have no hope for good esports settings.
  2. Doesnt even realize he's the village idiot.
  3. Getting idiots riled up & making them look stupid is a guilty pleasure of mine.
  4. Several people here have explained this to you before, but yeah - killtimes dramatically increased in Reach and the franchise tanked, going from #1 on XBL to getting knocked out of the top 10. MLG dropped Halo and never picked it back up due to the game's unpopularity, they couldnt make a profit off running halo tournaments anymore whereas they would sell out of team passes for H2 and H3 events in the past. The franchise never recovered from the Reach nosedive with the killtimes staying roughly consistent from Reach - H5. Halo's population is nowhere near where it used to be, and it can't compete against other top games anymore. Hoping we dont need to re-explain this to you again.
  5. You keep making the argument that people like modern halo's gameplay but ignore the fact that modern halo is unpopular. If more people liked long TTKs + unlimited respawns, halo's population would be in a much better place.
  6. 343 gets final say on the esports settings, no?
  7. That's because they dont. Also, gunfights are longer than ever post-H3 thanks to defensive abilities like sprint and thrust, your point is invalid.
  8. TTK is one of the most important aspects of a shooter. It's funny to imagine the COD community's outrage if the dev decided to increase the killtimes to Halo's level. Prolonging gun fights in shooters where you have limited respawns is a good thing, which is why Apex does so well. Prolonging gunfights in shooters when you have unlimited respawns is a bad thing, which is why modern halo's population is so inferior to other top games. Mistakes get punished harder in shooters with faster killtimes - players dont have as much room for errors like bad positioning and missing shots. Objectively speaking, this increases the skill gap. You may or may not prefer games where mistakes get punished harder, but it is indisputable that this type of gameplay raises the skill gap. It is also indisputable that Halo games with prolonged gunfights are much less popular than halo games with faster kill times.
  9. Not compared to where the franchise was before committing to bad game design.
  10. An FPS game with long kill times, unlimited respawns, and advanced mobility are automatically bad - it is impossible for an FPS to be good with these three elements. Change one of those things and the gameplay quality significantly improves.
  11. Modern Halo's population trends are actually proof that this goes way beyond the users on this forum.
  12. No? I dont try to defend horrible mechanics as just needing a few tweaks, unlike yourself. Overhauls or bust. I don't want Infinite to fail just because it's not a classic Halo game, I want it to fail because it's a bad game.
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