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  1. This is why I'd argue that Pit & Narrows TS are the worst gametypes ever to be used in Halo esports. Honestly dont know if faster killtimes/timers could save these maps.
  2. I dont think there are any maps I dislike in CE because the pistol & power item timers make every map playable. It's funny how MLG used such a small portion of Halo's dev maps post-CE. Imagine how many more maps could have been in Halo Esports if Bungie/343 got killtimes & item timers right. Maybe we could have had more than just symmetrical maps. Anyway, Chill Out is my fav map. Also love Priz, dammy, and rat race.
  3. I wonder if 343 even recognizes the issues with aiming in H5. They added all those aim settings and it didnt fix the problem.
  4. Think I counted 4 edits on that last post? Couldnt think of a good way to use the word 'projection' in your response? I guess it's a big word.
  5. Enemy pings & power weapon timers/waypoints (stays visible after item gets picked up) are great ways to make halo more accessible without raising the killtimes, adding sprint/movement gimmicks, etc...
  6. "... multiplayer will be free to play and support 120 FPS on Xbox Series X" Why specify 'Series X'? I wonder if Infinite will only be F2P on Series X. Xbox One & PC will have to pay? Wouldnt put it past M$.
  7. A friend told me Snipedown was roasting on H3 the other night on stream I am fairly certain the game would hold up better if the BR was stronger & had more range. People dont like feeling powerless in a shooter.
  8. Apex's limited respawn gameplay isnt a great comparison to Halo's unlimited respawn gameplay. Extending gun fight engagements in a game with limited/no respawns doesnt come close to being as detrimental vs a game with unlimited respawns.
  9. Yeah, that's a better way to word it.
  10. H1 4v4 is better than h2 4v4, h3 4v4, etc... (of course, h1 2v2 is better than h1 4v4). Sprint damages Halo's gameplay just as much as H3's BR. I wouldnt buy a Halo game that plays like H3, even if sprint/advanced movement isn't present. H2A plays better than H3. Pit and Narrows are the worst maps ever to be used in Halo esports. Team slayer is H3's worst gametype, MLG should have dropped all TS gametypes. Halo 4 and 5 would have been much better with cod-like kill times. Ghost's H4 settings were trash, pretty much H3 with sprint.
  11. I feel like I could live with grapple hook if sprint & clamber weren't in. (saying that without seeing grapple in MP, could change my mind)

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