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  1. It's difficult to not bring up TTK when talking about/critiquing Halo's game design.
  2. I can believe that he's played thousands of games of H3 and still doesnt understand that the meta only consists of teamshooting. After all, he's written a novel's worth of words on this site (though you wont find it due to repeat bans) and still cant form a coherent sentence.
  3. It's perplexing to me that fans of Halo 3's teamshot-only meta dont like Reach since there's even less you can do as an individual with a blooming 5sk DMR.
  4. Random tripping in brawl is the H3 BR spread of the smash bros series.
  5. Nice find, shoot me the link to that MLG article defending the V2 settings. Havent been able to find that one in ages.
  6. Ive used it a lot too and also cant find it. Have the BNET archives been purged? Edit: this is the URL http://halo.bungie.net/news/content.aspx?cid=14347 It redirects to the home page, you'll need to use the wayback machine.
  7. Hopefully the genius who thought this was a better system than bullets simply landing where you aim is no longer involved in game design.
  8. This pretty well exemplifies my misgivings with Halo 3 - the distance shouldn't be a factor when aiming directly at an idle target's head - particularly the distance from rocket floor to bottom portal on chill out.
  9. So best case scenario 7sk, worst case scenario 8sk?
  10. Agreed, halo 3 with 110% damage is a much more consistent game. Killa KC was right to push back against pros who disagreed with this change. Going back to the video i posted - that 9sk becomes an 8sk with 110% damage, right?
  11. So roughly twice as fast as H3's & modern Halo's TTKs. If a Halo game, or any run-n-gun game with unlimited respawns could succeed with minimum TTKs of 1.5 seconds, then Reach - H5 wouldnt have been a dumpster fire. But what do I know? The H1 pistol's TTK made CE gunplay all about 'who-sees-who first.'
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