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  1. Ideally there will be no maps with wide open "no man's land" areas.
  2. Looking forward to TTK breakdowns for each precision gun & whether or not headshot multipliers actually exist.
  3. Halo's long TTKs, advanced movement, and equipment pickups suit battle royal gameplay much better than the standard 2-team + infinite respawn modes 343 has been trying (and failing) to force their designs into.
  4. Still bummed this game got shelved.
  5. - Make Halo more accessible - Help new players find success - Contextualize the Halo universe Same reasons they just threw sprint and clamber into the game without properly adjusting TTKs.
  6. We have sprint, slide, clamber, grapplehook, and you're concerned about pings' impact on map design?
  7. With bots, pings, f2p, etc... 343 is definitely getting Infinite's features right. If only they could get the core game mechanics right. Imagine the potential.
  8. That's every halo 3 map. Not sure I can think of a worse 4v4 map in Halo's history than Narrows. Maybe Pit?
  9. They really knocked it outta park with masterpieces like Sword Base, Snowbound, Backwash, etc...
  10. Come on man, you're better than this.
  11. No since we're not talking about introducing any RNG elements.
  12. By forcing players to adapt their strafe based on the distance of their engagement. Why should a strafe that works well for long range gunfights be just as effective in CQC?
  13. Yeah. This only becomes a problem if the utility weapon's TTK is too long.
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