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  1. Or until they knock up their mistress #ChristianValues
  2. Healthcare is not a must-have lol. #H3KidLogic
  3. That's cool. It's the complete opposite in my circle of friends, most of which dont game or own xbox's.
  4. Great vid, jumped on H5 just to try this playlist. Hooked now, bummed that's it's being taken down soon. If only mythic settings we're H5's default, the game may actually have a playerbase.
  5. That gameplay looks amazing. Great work to those who put GPMA together.
  6. Awesome! Let's get it going. Does anyone know if yoseph is still around? Couldn't imagine a better person to lead this.
  7. Been disappointed over the reluctance to run round-based objective games in competitive Halo, as it would probably make several unusable maps work while freeing us from the shackles of TS, a gametype that only played well in CE. (Not interested in conservative changes)
  8. "Did you see what she was wearing? She was asking for it"
  9. Those priest molestation charges are a total HOAX and WITCH HUNT invented by SOROS and the DEEP STATE #releasethefotage
  10. Right? Why cant every halo experience be as consistent as Halo 3?

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