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  1. We'll never be in as good of a place settings-wise as we were in H4. Ghost really made the best out of what he had, couldn't have asked for more without modding the game.
  2. But then shooting would be too easy. Halo needs to evolve, can't just copy/paste the same aiming mechanics from halo 2 over and over again.
  3. I don't give 343 credit for putting sprinkles on their shit sandwich.
  4. Wake me up when 343 fixes the BR's TTK without adding spread/bloom/reducing magazine capacity for 'balance'
  5. IIRC it was around 1.6 sec pre-patch.
  6. Really wish the BR's TTK was equal to the commando or stalker rifle.
  7. I'd put H4's AGL/TTD settings above MLG Reach V1-V6, but both experiences are trash & comparing the two is a matter of splitting hairs.
  8. 1.6 sec, the slowest TTK a BR has ever had in Halo.
  9. In the reveal video, I thought it was funny that Bravo alluded to BR starts being integral to competitive halo's legacy. Then they go on to explain how the BR's longer TTK is a good thing... The reason MLG went with BR starts in the first place was to give players a chance to defend themselves off spawn. Raising the BR's TTK spits on its legacy by defeating the purpose BR starts were chosen in the first place. 343 thinks they have the competitive community in mind by starting us with a gun that has the BR's skin and nothing else. I also think Bravo understands this deep down, but 343 signs his paychecks now.
  10. The positive reception to Infinite's competitive reveal reminds me of this:
  11. The lone wolf does indeed survive when the starting gun's minimum TTK is 1.6 seconds.
  12. That's a shame, Stalker Rifle probably needs the fewest tweaks to be a decent starting weapon.
  13. Looks like this is still accurate: CE > H2 > ZBNS Reach > H2A > H5 > Halo Infinite > H3 > H4 > Default Reach
  14. I'm pretty sure we all want the same thing from a starting weapon in competitive Halo: - low minimum TTK (less than 1 sec) - high average TTK - able to consistently hit targets at range - no RNG - single shot (no sweep shooting) - large enough magazine to kill 4 opponents before needing to reload, assuming your aim is perfect I'm sick of my starting gun making me feel useless without the help of teammates, so I'm partial to faster TTKs. That said, we don't have anything close to meeting the above criteria in Halo infinite, and that really sucks.
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