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  1. Asymmetric 2 flag (2 rounds, teams switch sides) has more potential than 1 flag IMO.
  2. If we have a simple option to turn spread off in CE, I'm curious if the same toggle is available in h3. If so, why the fuck is that game's biggest issue left alone when the fix is simply flipping a switch.
  3. This update really needs to be permanently applied to all of CE.
  4. Here's an interesting discussion: Do you think 343 will allow Infinite's esport settings to differ much from vanilla settings? In my eyes, 343 is making this move purely to outsource tournament logistics & promotion, while having the only say in whether or not we can turn off sprint in tournaments, the map pool, starting weapons, timers, etc...
  5. Stay away from h3 if bad hit reg is a dealbreaker for you.
  6. Also, the H3 BR isnt as random as everyone makes it out to be. The most unfairly treated BR of all time. Hurricanes are tremendously wet, did you know?
  7. Or until they knock up their mistress #ChristianValues
  8. Healthcare is not a must-have lol. #H3KidLogic
  9. That's cool. It's the complete opposite in my circle of friends, most of which dont game or own xbox's.
  10. Great vid, jumped on H5 just to try this playlist. Hooked now, bummed that's it's being taken down soon. If only mythic settings we're H5's default, the game may actually have a playerbase.
  11. That gameplay looks amazing. Great work to those who put GPMA together.

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