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  1. I can't get past rank 4, every time i win a game on my rank 4 it resets back to a 1. What's 343 trying to say here...
  2. played a 6v4 in ranked (i was on the 6) two of my teammates goose on warlord and one kid got one kill they went neg 33 collectively still won 50-46. How?
  3. Anybody else think letting Xur sell the last word has ruined the crucible? It's really OP.
  4. ricochet is a ranked gametype. Give me a fucking break 343 edit: Got kicked before the game started anyway so i guess fucking not, a three day break from this game wasn't enough
  5. Can't find a game in MCC so i go to play destiny and now i can't connect to the destiny servers brb killing myself
  6. Xbox record that works pretty good. Most you can do is like 5 minutes though.
  7. tfw you'll never have a qt3.14 gf who fucks up the halo servers.
  8. Does the hit detection in halo 2 feel off to anyone? Some games I can land shots cross map no problem but other games it feels like nothing is hitting. Could be a side effect of not playing halo 2 in 4/5 years. I definitely am nowhere near 100%
  9. Are you nuts? Half the time the game kicks me, I'm sure people leaving the game really don't want to, the game is probably kicking them. On the other side if it's a 5v2 on heretic and I'm on the team of two you can bet your ass I'm gonna quit. I quit when I'm on the team with 5 players also, that's not fun for anyone. I can only imagine how angry id be if they gave me a 30 min ban for quitting too much. I'm already pissed off as is. When they fix this id support a penalty for quitting in ranked playlist
  10. What if the covenant is real and they just being doing everything in thier power to kill halo? They thought they were home free with halo 4 until 343 pulled this shit with mcc so now the servers are being jammed by covenant.
  11. All the Halo 3 maps are 2007 default you can get into the old hiding spots and the weapon spawns are different.....
  12. playing a 3v3 1 flag on lockout stuck with a guest who got split from his buddy game goes blackscreen for 10 seconds and after the game came back i was magically on the other team playing a 4v2 343 HOW THE FUCK DO YOU MESS UP SOMETHING SO SIMPLE THIS BAD
  13. 1.Diablo 3 2.Simcity 3.GTA V 3(tie).Halo MCC we're in good company boys.
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