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  1. There is still one method to check CSR without a login...
  2. A big part of that is the corporate influence. I think they might be able to do a decent job if it was small enough budget-wise that M$ didn't take notice.
  3. There are three four ways I can see of achieving the end goal of a decent Halo 2.5/3.5 with modern netcode. 1. Beg Bungie to build a Halo rip-off, possibly using parody to get around copyright, probably as a multi-player-only arcade title, once they're finished enough with Destiny to have the time 2. Beg 343 to make and not fuck up Halo 2 Anniversary 3. Put support behind Murder Miners. They listen. They're good guys. They're not a game studio or anything - they're a couple (few? not many) guys developing an indie game. A constructive community is a big asset to them. I think they've even used a couple of my suggestions actually. 4. Grab a couple willing buddies and start learning http://xbox.create.msdn.com/en-US/
  4. Remove super shields? You can disable it via in-game settings.
  5. Yes, but that effects the DMR and NR in that gametype as well. I can removed bloom from a CEA gametype or I could just add the CEA Magnum settings to a ZB gametype, depending on what other settings are preferred.
  6. What? Which file? No - they only included decent tuning in Halo 4. In Reach it's just the handful of values.
  7. It's something I'm looking into. Obviously there would be different objects - probably the bomb instead of an extractor etc. but it should be feasible Yep - not sure what the range is yet though.
  8. Thanks it's easy though now that the compiler can handle it. If anybody has any requests let me know. The tuning is limited to pretty much what you're familiar with - BT, bloom for all three precision weapons together, AC nerfs, AL nerfs, Sword block, and Magnum Dmg/RoF and automatic enabled.
  9. Zero Bloom everything except Slayer (because it's already available) and Invasion and Infection (because balance) Here's the fileset link And for your sharing convenience; http://bit.ly/ZBGTs Discuss? Edit: Bleedthrough included
  10. NS is decent, but if you're going to bother with a modded gametype there are a few other things that can be improved too. Here's hoping the next version of Unity gets released eventually.
  11. EMP on Vertigo makes me miss the GL It's a sad replacement, but I think it ought to stay in symmetrical gametypes. It wouldn't hurt to nerf the amount of grenades to balance it a bit though. It's one thing to make inattentive players drop down with it, but getting pinned into it by dozens of grenades is annoying. Even just moving the grenade drops a little further away would help. Oh, and it's OT, but GL nostalgia; I love that weapon. *tear*
  12. I was thinking about doing multiple uses for Thruster. I have control of the recharge rate and the recharge delay, so I can specify X uses with X number of seconds between them, essentially, or I can adjust the amount of energy a use consumes and have it like it used to be (iirc) with launch Thruster. I considered setting it to two uses, but with 150% speed you can cover some distance with two thrusts. Might be a tad OP. Thoughts? Edit: Interested in incorporating a couple disposable AAs into Unity? Regen and auto turret are both really simple bits of code and make (imo) good map drops. Regen is effectively straight back to the equipment from H3, (other than some of the effect values I would assume) and it disappears from your HUD immediately as it's deployed, and the auto turret keeps the AA deactivatable (so you can kill it by pressing your AA button again) and disappears once the turret dies/is killed.
  13. Yep - single-use AAs are removed after use and reusables recharge. Jetpack is a jumpjet in this iteration - still playing with the height it can achieve. Thruster currently set to 120%, but I'm going to play with higher percentages around 150 for the next version. Yeah I was thinking the waypoint was a bit gimmicky. Have you had a chance to check out the duration of PV in this version? It feels pretty good to me, but I can reduce it further and reduce the range in doing so. Camo is currently at half duration with 1/4 recharge rate - think that's good? Thanks for your feed back
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