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  1. Looking for 2 players, individuals or a to2 that have MULTIPLE event experiences. Do not want to have to teach teammates how spawns work, what to control, when to pull a flag, how to play objective, etc.etc.etc. Come prepared with in depth game knowledge and a non-egotistical attitude. If you're interested in trying out, feel free to message me in game or on twitter. (NA applicants only please) If you have to ask about in game ranks or would like to brag about who you've played with or against, please do not contact me. Want to know about my experience? Scroll down to "Halo Experience" on https://www.twitch.tv/kinetikzzz. Thanks! Hope to play soon! GT: "KinetiKz Sway" Twitter: @KinetikKz_Sway https://twitter.com/KinetiKz_Sway http://swaygaming.com/
  2. Hello! Need 2 for future events-- (Our best placing for Xbox One games so far has been 17th for the MCC HCS Events and 5th for ESL's Online Halo 5 Events) Required: -Event experience (particularly recent event experience as well) ... this does not mean, "Yeah I've been to a LAN before." This means... Hey, I've competed at MLG, AGL, PGL, IG, (ESL HCS) event(s) -- MULTIPLE. Also...Doesn't mean lost in winners/losers round 1..2...etc... -Pay for own way/part of the pass/hotel/etc-- -Need to be able to have time set aside for consistent practice -Need to not have an ego, not get defensive, and realize that teamwork/synergy does not develop over night.-- That's awesome that you have a picture with Ninja and you've played with Roy and Pistola was on your friends list... but no one actually gives a fuck :/ -Need to be a selfless player and realize that sometimes you can't T2 it and go for your next montage clip...stats do not (directly) matter; putting your teammates down or bragging about yourself constantly is also annoying AF... .......................................................... Other than these things, which should be pretty much common sense outside of event xp req's-- (We DO have some sponsors...but, not gonna post about any of those because that should not be a reason you simply apply to join a team) Feel free to message in game for more info/questions-- "KinetiKz DMRplz"
  3. Dropped Michael Rello, picked up new 3rd Still need 4th
  4. Hey! I'm KinetiKz and we're looking for... We're a team of 3 looking for a 4th for the Indianapolis event coming up in June! The 3 of us are players that are getting back into Halo for this event and are all from the Halo: Reach era of MLG Events around the US. We've all been to multiple events, be it MLG/AGL/ESL/etc for games between Halo 3 and MCC. What we're looking for: A player that is willing to put in the time and dedication to get ready for the upcoming Indianapolis event! We're looking for someone who has a little bit more of an objective oriented mindset and playstyle, that is willing to learn and build some team chemistry up while we all get back into the game in preparation for Indianapolis. We would like someone who has event experience, has an understanding of the current maps and gametypes, and is 110% capable of going to the Indianapolis event. If you are in need of a ride from the airport, that is covered. If you are in need of somewhere to stay where we can LAN, that is covered. The only things you'll have to pay for is your portion of the team pass, food, pref. gas money, and that'll be it! One thing to keep in mind is that losing is part of the game. Frustration comes with building a team. You learn more from losing games than you do from winning. Not really gonna be in to someone who seems to rage, blame, complain, brag, etc.etc.etc...welcome to halo community of ego's... We're currently working on getting more sponsorships (no promises) that will hopefully pay for more as well ^_^ If you're interested feel free to post here or message me on xbl KinetiKzZz Michael Rello TEAMWE (4th)
  5. Thanks for all the friend requests! Keep them coming if you're interested!
  6. Hey everyone who still plays this game… We’re on the hunt for a player for AGL Indianapolis in early November. If you’re interested and fit the qualities specified below, you’re more than welcome to add or message me (especially if friends list is full) on my gamertag: “KinetiKzZz” But before you figure out what we’re looking for, why not get to know us a little bit to see if you’re interested… -------------------------------------- Our Current Roster: We are a team of 3 from Indiana and Arizona. The 2 players from Indiana are at Purdue University and have been a team of 2 for 3 years now. We’ve got some experience under our belts going from 20-30 tournament wins a piece that are NOT MLG events and AGL events. 4v4s, 2v2, and FFAs, totaling to a little over $10,000 in winnings. I can give more details if necessary – messaging me is a good idea if you’d like to talk about anything ^_^ We have 5 and 6 MLG event experiences placing at top 32 area as well as 1 AGL event under our belt. We’ve had multiple sponsors, full ride and all Currently are on the hunt to get some sponsors and have some lined up, but they’d like to see some progress from the team from things before start rolling into motion. If there are any other questions that you have about us as individuals, experience, or how we are as a team etc…lemme know We will not be needing a hotel, and are going to be searching for the sponsors to pay for the entry fee, and preferably the plane ticket necessary for our Arizona player as well as YOU! (if necessary)…otherwise, we’ll see what comes up. Our current sponsors don’t pay for too much and we only have 2, but I do believe we have team shirts currently ready to go. ------------------------------------------------------------ What we’re looking for: 1 player ! We’re looking for a selfless player that understands it isn’t about K/D or showing off. Knowing that the win at the end of the game is all that matters. Knowing that they do not have to have every power weapon in the game in their hand when it could be more useful in a different teammates, etc. We aren’t looking to mess around with people who aren’t experienced at around our level or above. So if you don’t have decent experience at an AGL or MLG event and proof of it, multiple, not just one event, then I apologize ahead of time, but no need to continue on reading from here unfortunately. With this said, I shouldn’t tell you what type of player we are looking for or what we need … you should understand how to play at a high end level already. All high end competitive level gaming isn’t personal skill. At this level, you should be able to never miss a shot, etc.etc.etc… The difference is teamwork, awareness, and mentality. If you have a shit attitude, you’re out of the question already. We currently have a pretty aggressive OBJ player, as well as a slayer, and an in-betweener. So we can allow anything to fit at this point, but “roles” shouldn’t be something to have to talk about. Again, if you’re interested go ahead and add me or message me if full at my gametrag: “KinetiKzZz” We’d like to finish trying people out and deciding on a definite 4th ASAP to get as much practice and team chemistry built up as much as possible, especially to go ahead and get sponsorships under control as well. Any questions, feel free to post or message me! Thanks <3
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