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  1. I don't understand this community. My support facechecks a Leona in a bush lvl 1 and causes us to lose lane right there. Jungler comes and shoves lane, resulting in level 1 ez against level 3 cait. So, everyone decides to yell and spite me by taking farm saying I don't deserve it. We lose game, and it's all my fault. Gold star for you, league of legends community. /rant.
  2. How 'bout dem ranked rewards tho? Pretty stoked for victorious Elise
  3. Holy shit. Riot Blitzcrank is the best skin in this game.
  4. Rofl, this is true, and pretty lame. Also, I'm going to try and start streaming a lot more often, so if anyone ever wants to watch - www.twitch.tv/doofhus (no, that's not spelled wrong) /shameless self promotion.
  5. Steam ID: Doofus Would enjoy some people to play Borderlands 2 with. I only have UVHM and Dragon Keep DLC.
  6. Yeah, I did this. There really doesn't seem to be any catch at all. You get 1k Rp just for sign up/email verification. Don't even need to activate your card or anything. I'll probably use the card as a sort of, "The money on this is what I have to spend towards video games" kind of thing. What Champ did you get on your card?
  7. Doofus

    OT Thread of OT

    Does anyone have Borderlands 2 for PC and want to play?
  8. if by fagget you mean, glorious, then yes. What's the difference between a goose?
  9. Nothing really, yet. Have to watch my brother's kid tonight, it's gonna be weird. What is your current biggest goal to accomplish?
  10. Alright. Haha, seems like a dumb answer, but just by playing. I want to try to get to platinum/high Gold before the season ends, that's why I was wondering when it actually does end.
  11. Will I get a prize for doing such a thing? MîndTalk Gold V

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