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  1. Gt: HiiiTekk Customs/MM- Please add for customs and HCS playlist only West coast.
  2. I'm going to go ahead and bump this. Some teams fell through in the end. Please understand My schedule guys, I do work and if that's a problem don't waste your time. Still Looking!!! If I don't find a team I will start one myself. I will be messaging everyone back to see if they are still interested.
  3. I would like to run games with you discuss a few concerns that's about it. Gt HiiiTekk
  4. Gt- HiiiTekk Scrims West coast. Hmu now we are a fresh team looking for some scrims.
  5. Damn!!! so they weren't cutting it for you. That sucks bro. Just so you know I agreed with you every time you were bumping heads. You do sound like you know more about the game then what they do. We good luck finding a team. I hope everything works out for you
  6. Yea we can I'm also teaming with savage arbiter. Me and him are pretty solid. I will hit you up very soon.
  7. I thought you were teaming with petey and them?
  8. What's up gamers, let me introduce myself. My name is Peter my GT: HiiiTekk I have been playing Halo since Combat Evolved. I have attended two events in my "Halo Career". Anaheim 09 for Halo 3 and the Prelaunch MLG tournament for Halo 4. I obviously have little tournament experience but at least I have some. I know call outs and spawns as well as good communication. I know when to be aggressive and when to be passive and slow the game down. I try really hard to win every game that I'm in even if it means absolutely nothing. I don't give up easily. I'm a well rounded player and I can do anything for what the situation calls for. I will do anything to get to the next level. So I made this post because I am passionate about competing again at a high level. I have been on many teams and all of them have failed. I know what I am looking for but beggars can't be choosers. I'm looking for a "mature" team that plays religiously. A team that can communicate/small talk and coordinate strategies mid game. As well as going into every game thinking about the win. I would also like for us to go into film and work out the kinks. I can't stress about how much when I say a mature team. You guys need to know when to be open minded. What I mean by that is understand you are not perfect neither am I, but I am willing to learn new things and take any constructive criticism. So about my schedule. I live in Fresno Cali. I work but when I'm not working I'm gaming. I work from 3pm-9pm on Mondays and 5pm-9pm Tuesday- Friday. I'm off on the weekends I could play all day if I wanted to. So post here if I am what your team is looking for or you can message me on xbox either way is fine. I will be on all weekend.
  9. Hit me up I have event exp. gt HiiiTekk We can run games if you are still looking for people.
  10. If you want to start a team add me. Gt HiiiTekk I have event history if you are interested.
  11. Name:Peter Gamertag:HiiiTekk Games Played:Halo:CE,Halo2,Halo3,Halo:Reach,Halo4 Area in California:Fresno Future Gaming Plans:Update: looking for team that's willing to put in TIME to get better.
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