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  1. I hadn't been able to really describe what is about the fives gameplay that puts me off but mechanical complication is exactly what it is for me and I feel I have played much more mechanic heavy games but the mechanics in five are just so off putting, after all the dumb shit I have to do to compete in a one on one fight in five none of it is as satisfying as a simple one on one with your gun and your strafe from past games.
  2. Trying to shoot a fusion coil beside someone and the mind numbing combination of the reticle being glued to the enemy along with any shots you get on the fusion coil being warped towards that enemy...
  3. Don't think so I'll have a look after this match. Edit - None that I can see looks the same but I haven't been playing much so not sure what was there before.
  4. "Back when everyone had a mic and before party chat, everyone talked to their teammates and trash talked the other team" This shits gets me just as much as missing the H2 gameplay. People can call me a hater but H4/5 will never be looked back on in the same way these games are there is just nothing special about the 343 Halo games .
  5. Hopefully it means they really do know they have yet to make a Halo game that meets the standard of what a Halo game should be and trying to shake things up but when Quinn is getting promoted to lead designer I have my doubts. I don't even know what they could do to make me have even a little faith in them.
  6. Fucking hell at this point I am just hoping a new dev takes over for H7 whenever that happens
  7. I don't pay much attention to h5 other than forge has there really never been an MLG run event?
  8. I had completely forgotten about that ability along with the auto sentry, regen field and promethean vision (shudders)
  9. I'm still trying to adapt to Reach, can we slow down please.
  10. These sound comparisons are great they really highlight just how cluttered almost everything is in this game.
  11. I honestly believe if we had gotten Black Tusk/Coalition post Bungie, the franchise and the community would be in a better place. Every step 343 has taken from the gameplay to the art direction has just pushed me and my mates away from a franchise we would play over all others. I can only hope that 343 actually follow the trends and go back to basics but its still a 343 game at the end of the day.
  12. I don't think anyone cares if your salty it has more to do with calling peoples existence pathetic and meaningless because of something they do in a video game, getting home from a shit day and just playing some games for the rest of the night is hardly a fucking sin. No need to be so judgemental it just results in you sounding like the pathetic one.
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