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  1. I don't complain I know how to small talk 20 years old Competed in all season 1 qualifiers Local LAN experience East Coast time Can grind every night Willing to travel. Went to G4G 2016 but we all know how that went
  2. Just wanted to say we have found a 4th thanks you all for the responses. I would have like to run with you all. thanks again Halo Competitive Community :ghost:
  3. Team Elysian Halo is looking for a new player for IGL/ Season 2 HCS and any other league. I am the Team captain and I am looking for players who can hold their own against Top AMs and Pros. The traits I need in a player: -Consistent Gun Skill. You can win your battles no matter who we play against. -Strong Mental Game. We will lose. But if you sigh, complain, blame lag, etc. more then you communicate then you cannot join us -Know how to communicate. I don't want anyone who just calls out "one shots" and "I died here". If don't understand that then you cant join. - Positive Vibes. I need a Player who is confident in their ability and motivates the team to do better and likes to have fun. This is a game. -A Want to be Better. I want to see the drive to want to watch theater with us, watch streams, videos etc. -18+. I don't want any high school students sorry. College/Job is fine. -Funds to travel. we are not fully funded by our org so you have to buy your own tickets etc. But we will talk WAY ahead of time before any LAN to talk expenses/time to save money. -Time Management. We will be following a strict practice schedule. No excuses on why you can't get on to play. Always let me know AHEAD of time why you can't play/what ever. I don't wanna have to ask every night when or if you are getting on. -Eastern Time Zone. This is preferred but not needed. 2 of us are eastern and our third is Mountain time. This makes the schedule easier to make. We already stay up late due to our third but this will change because we wont be staying up till 3-4am every night. So If you are Pacific or Mountain then I prefer you look for another team. But if you feel your schedule could still fit then I'm open for discussion. Contact Me: XBL: Xcillent, twitter: https://twitter.com/Xcillent_ or this post.
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