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  1. Snipedown just walked into his own splinter grenade. It was amazing. EDIT: Wrong thread. Here is something relevant instead- spoilers confirmed.
  2. Well shit. Spoilers pretty much confirmed by the looks of it.
  3. Every time the Warden Eternal spawns the game becomes a high school pile on.
  4. I know it's an alpha but I hope Dice makes some serious balancing changes to Walker Assault, all I'm seeing from the gameplay is the Rebels winning over and over again.
  5. Despite the anti-climatic finish the event itself was great with intense games and high quality casting, as with everyone else my only real issue was the connection issues and the major waiting time we had. Also, I've been lurking this thread since it was created and this is my first post here, I'm great at community participation.
  6. Two Elite warriors, a Spartan and a genius scientist ride an alien woolly mammoth. That's all you need to know.
  7. How long am I going to have to keep hitting F5 on the main page? Need that :goat:
  8. I'm starting to think the AR may actually have 36 rounds rather than 32.
  9. Actually already asked Greenskull about the AR ammo count, also asked about the radar and how positions of enemies/friendlies didn't fit. Basically take that AR with a grain of salt.
  10. Oh not at all, it's designed so even people with no knowledge of the lore can listen to it and still understand what's going on. Actually first appeared in Reach so it was a reference from Bungie not 343.
  11. I want to say Guass Hog but at the same time I despise it for how OP it is, not only is it manoeuvrable and has a good speed but the gun has a great range and is a one-hit kill, why they put it on Exile I will never know. I also got to give a mention to the Scorpion, blowing up shit is fun.
  12. Well in case you didn't know they are called "Blind Wolfs", were meant to be in CE but got cut.
  13. Those are all good ideas but what is they ruin the immersion? But seriously though anything that allows 343 to make money post-launch but makes any DLC maps free so the community isn't segregated is good in my book, aesthetic micro-transactions are a great way of doing this.
  14. The thing not adding up is the the peoples stories, they were on the list of people meant to be interviewed by ONI so it would make sense for them to say whatever ONI wanted them too rather than the actual truth. That's why we have to #HUNTtheTRUTH.
  15. In case you din't know they are actually called Blind Wolfs, they were meant to be in CE but got cut from the final game. Thorne? Ray?
  16. Its a sci-fi of course there's something happening in deep space. Nah but seriously though the journalist sounds very much like the same interviewer from the Halo 3 Believe campaign so it could take place around that time.
  17. No thank you- it would ruin the impact of her death in Halo 4 which had a perfect ending to her own story arc, I'd rather restrict any return she makes to flashbacks or hallucinations that John may have.
  18. "Could". Also Loremaster thread is :goat: :halo:

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