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  1. All this news makes me want to compete so bad in a Gears tourney, especially since I live in Cbus. I wonder if it's better to play Gears 3 or UE to practice. Overall, good to see another console Esports out in the market.
  2. yeah we have the bricks and not the M80 lol thanks man I think we will be fine but i was just making sure
  3. Hey guys my team is planning on going to Columbus for the IG event and two of our teammates have the new mixamps and two have the older ones. My question is can we set those up to use the team speak feature where they connect via the cables? If so is it just the normal cables that came with the older mixamp package? Thanks in advance
  4. we are both from ohio we live like twenty minutes from each other
  5. Hey man hit me up me and my buddy are looking for two as well. GT: iKnuck1es
  6. Hey everyone still looking for two people to team with and start practicing asap. Hit me up on twitter or xbl (same tag for both).
  7. just hit me up on xbl or twitter same tag for both
  8. yeah man just hit me up me and the other guy will be on monday night and most of tuesday if you want to play together
  9. Basically what the title says, we are a team of two both from Ohio. We have been playing together since about Halo 2 and we have good chemistry. We are looking for people who are dedicated and are willing to learn together and can take criticism. I work basically all second shifts and the other guy works second as well so availability would be like 11pm-2am est during the week and weekends a lot later. If anyone is interested we already have a team name and logo from our old team (but are willing to make a new one if need be lol). We are more than likely going to go to the Columbus halo event since we already live in Ohio. If interested message me on Xbox live GT:iKnuck1es or on twitter @iKnuck1es ASAP so when MCC drops we can start practicing for the Iron Gaming event.
  10. I was wondering if anyone noticed the game volume of Destiny to be extremely loud. I use a mixamp and steelseries headset and I can hardly hear my friends when we are in an xbox party. Anyone else experience this? Or know how to fix it?
  11. Hey all, I was wondering if anyone knows if you can pre-load Destiny if I'm buying a hard copy. I have college classes tomorrow morning and would like to play for a few hours as soon as I get home and not wait for the download. Also does anyone know if I can upgrade my pre-order at Gamestop. I pre-ordered the basic copy but I want the upgraded version. Thanks in advance and see everyone in the universe.
  12. I'm getting it on the Xbone add me GT:iKnuck1es...the beta hype is so real though
  13. I would rather play Halo 3 but there seems to be more of a population in Reach and I can't not play halo after so long lol
  14. So just the "out of the box" maps will be okay to play the playlist because I tried to play last night and it kept saying that the map couldn't be loaded.
  15. I want to play MLG Reach and I was wondering what map pack(s) I'll need to play more than the one map I can play now. Also if anyone wants to play some customs I'm totally down add GT:iKnuck1es

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