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  1. I added you, my GT is i Laikan i - I may have 3. I have 2 for sure, myself and i Venimus i
  2. Yo - my teammate and I aren't Onyx 2000+ but we just came back from a break. We have been playing since Halo 1. Lemme know if you still want to try and run games. I don't want to add you because I currently don't meet your criteria so I'd rather ask here. Thanks! GT: i Laikan i
  3. What's the 4 digits after you Discord name? We can't add you unless we have that.
  4. SlyFox - you have to include the 4 digit number so we can add you on Discord :l
  5. My 2v2 partner and I are looking for two more for competitive events. We have been teammates since Halo 1, both of us have gone to about 7 events which include MLG Ohio x2, MLG Florida, CPL 2005 Winter Championship, CPL FFA, Several combines and every MLG Dallas event. The best we have placed is Top 32 MLG and 5th place in the CPL 2005 Winter Championship. If you are interested, please message i Laikan i or i Venimus i so we can run some games. We are from Fort Worth, TX. Here is what we are looking for: Onyx + preferred LAN/Tournament experience is a plus Dedication to come together as a team and work on our weak points Another Team of 2 preferred, but not required Able to practice multiple times a week NO Raging Able to travel to events
  6. Avalance's team is very dedicated, should give them a run for sure.
  7. Add i Laikan i for customs. Texas player here Central Time Zone
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