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  1. Sign me up gamertag m0hnj0rr0w paypal: will provide on request
  2. I have been playing halo for the greater part of 10 years and I have always wanted to compete in a Tournament. My friend and I are looking for 2 team mates to join us for the 10k Halo 2 Tourney in St. Louis. We will play Halo 2 by using Xbox connect and/or Halo 2 Vista. Please let me know if you are interested. email: [email protected] twitter: twitter.com/mohnjorrow I am very serious about this so please be serious also!
  3. I'm from Missouri, STL area... I would travel for LANs for sure. Any of you run Halo 2 LANs?
  4. Yes, Please give Halo 2 more attention, Halo 2 vista needs some love
  5. What happened to Ghost? Is he quitting 343?
  6. killamohnjorrow add for customs and MLG
  7. Yes, I am. What part you from? I live near St. Louis.
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