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  1. Please no loud fake hype casters and no British voices. Keep it like this, I like this. T2 and Elamite.
  2. Ahh okay, yeah I couldn't find anything else listed there aside from browser/Mac under my account which is why I thought it doesn't track it.
  3. That doesn't track Xbox console sign ins. There is a different page that lists your device, but it doesn't show the last time the device logged into your account.
  4. Looks like some people haven't played Destiny. Bungie that once was is dead and will never come back.
  5. Good thing that logical people don't compare games based on sale numbers. Halo Reach would have been the best game in the Halo series if that was the case. Fortunately, we understand there are other factors in play here.
  6. Ranked Squad 6v6 in H3 was fucken awesome. It's unfortunate it didn't last too long.
  7. Gamesager already had a following from Destiny. I just checked and WishYouLuck and WTFisPoshy are also streaming right now, who are both top PvP players in Destiny and already had a fanbase. The issue is whether we can see new streamers that are built out of streaming Halo and have a good personality. For some reason, a lot of Halo only streamers are really fucken boring.
  8. Goddamn I love The Sprint. I love documentaries and shows that give a semi-real aspect to people/groups so this is just amazing. I hope they continue it after launch. Like what they are doing to improve the game over time. Maybe looking into dev beginnings into Halo 6. Developing HCS. Every episode is just so good and gives you a view into a world majority of us never see.
  9. The AR nerf needs to happen asap or completely removed from Arena. It's about the worst thing in the game at this moment for me.
  10. Current generation? Lol you talk like flocking to the newest game is a new thing. I'm in my late 20s and I have seen that shit for the last decade, and it has also happened before my time. Flocking to new games is a norm, especially with franchises that have huge pop numbers. And i'm sorry but MCC will not have a longer life than H5. MCC right now is dead, it has been dead. Those 1,000+ viewers were only watching for the anticipation of H5. Just like BOps2 has been on the rise of viewership this past week for the anticipation of BOps3.
  11. Yeah they were reacting to it. I didn't come until later lol through a Destiny player WTfisPoshy whose stream was also reacting to it. I muted them all since just hearing Pistola was so cringe worthy I didn't want to focus on anything else.
  12. I'm going to shoot a wild nightstalker bow and assume you are having a really hard time in H5? Like, you think your shots are missing hard time. Yes, every single Destiny player has had a hard time migrating over to Halo. The aim assist is just not there. And ToO is not competitive all the times. There is no rank based matchmaking so you may get a decent matchup or 2 in a whole day. The rest is a bunch of scrubs playing for armor. And yes, I've been grinding pvp since oct 2014. Jesus christ. I noticed he was taking shots at Celeste every damn time he brought that rubiks cube out too which seemed odd. The fucked up part is that a lot of people were watching this too. Nadeshot and Scump were watching it while they were streaming on mlg.tv. Any chance he is just stuck in his room all day and is going crazy for the lack of human interactions?
  13. He got on his knees earlier and told the camera he will study halo and write down every note down, and he will find every weakness of anyone and take them down. Some serial killer type of shit lmao He did say he hasn't slept for like 48 hours and has only been sleeping for like 3-4 hours a day. I'm sure that and the adderall he took caused this shit.
  14. If you are not watching OLA right NOW GO WATCH. He is going uh kinda crazy?.... literally too much adderall http://www.twitch.tv/igoturpistola
  15. Played like 4 hours with no issues on the new dashboard. There was an update released yesterday, so I'm sure some people got kicked so the console updates forcefully.
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