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  1. I'll probably be all over H3 for the BTB and the maps.
  2. I will continue to buy DLC and support the company, mainly because Bungie is doing the one thing that 99 percent of companies fail to do nowadays, listen to the players, even with all the negative feedback, they address a large majority of the concerns players express, and have actively stated they intend to correct the shortcomings of the game at launch. The real problem with todays games aren't typically the game itself, it's the journalists who are paid off to undermine other developers work, enough media and everyone starts to hop on the bandwagon, like it's the popular thing to hate a game, because everyone else is. Video games need less critics, and more support.
  3. Does the Volume and mic run through the same cables on the X12's? If they don't you'll likely need to get a new mic, or combine them with a splitter.
  4. I feel like there's too much segregation in both maps, and far too many cross section covers, it's easily an influence for players to get away from fights. The design also feels a little clustered for a map with competitive merit, and it's very two dimensional, there's not a lot there for people to control. Both maps need less cross section cover, more dynamic elevations, and a better sense of control points.
  5. I for one am pretty optimistic about the changes that will be introduced, because I'd like to pay for something a little different then the last iteration of a game. While the core focus of any team based shooters are competitive, there's no reason to sacrifice the fun element of a game for like than a single percentage of a games community.
  6. After the new paths from annex buildings into bases, I'm much happier with the map design, good job Schnitz.
  7. Love your use of the curved wall piece in those windows, very sleek Much round So transparent Gleams in eyes
  8. Not a fan of the new build, but still congrats on having your map in the tourney.
  9. Odd that you're asking about tablets, I'm trying to sell my Samsung Galaxy S2 10.1 Tablet, While it doesn't have the fluidity of an Apple product, it soars in versatility. You can load 3rd party developer apps without having to go through google store, and download apps for free by just manually installing so it saves a ton. GPS, IR Sensor, that has an app that acts as a mobile dvr for your provider, it's more than strong enough to run any current tablet game. And any bluetooth keyboard is combatible with it. Selling mine for 180.
  10. Refine gametypes, and don't make the game aim for you.
  11. Heh yeah money sure is hard to come by and jobs are super scarce right now.
  12. I wasn't sure exactly where I could even put this, but I have amassed a collection of Mcfarlane's halo figures, I have about 600 bucks retail worth I'm wanting to sell for class necessities. Books and etc, for the upcoming fall semester. Mods have mercy on my thread because honestly who offers an instant Halo collection. The set includes the entire combat evolved Anniversary series 1 unopened and in like new condition. Several open and loose figures from various reach series. Mostly 2 pack boxes, Two mongoose sets, Warthog with chain gun and gauss cannon, ghost. 16 Loose Spartans. 16 Boxed Spartans. 5 Loose Elites of Varying classes, 1 is very rare 1 is camo. 5 Boxed Elites, 1 being the arbiter. 1 Loose Jackal, 1 boxed jackal. 2 Loose Grunts 4 Boxed Grunts. 1 Brute, 1 limited edition Master Chief in Cryo tube from series 1 Halo 4 set. This would be a fantastic set for animators, machinimas, or just collectors looking to flesh out the set. 300 for it all.
  13. Yeah? I like the statue, it's neat.
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