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  1. Player Bio: Whatsup everyone, my name is Matt and I've been playing games on a somewhat competitive level for years. My Halo journey started back in Halo: CE running four way split screen with my friend, his brother, and his brothers friend. I was terrible at the time, seeing as I was seven years old it sort of makes sense. Since then I've come a long way, both in Halo and Call of Duty when it comes to playing competitive. I really got into competitive gaming back when Halo 3 was in its prime, I remember seeing MLG live on ESPN back when Halo 2 was the game, and I always dreamed to be as good as those guys. I still think I have to do some work, but I'm improving every day. Back when Halo 3 was the game and I got my foot in the door, I started out with Gamebattles and at the time I was good when it came to matchmaking, but when you moved into a custom game, for FFA, running teams, whatever I still wasn't at the skill I wanted to be. After awhile I got into practicing, knowing the callouts, learning strats and got pretty good. I switched over to Call of Duty for awhile and took a break from Halo because the game just wasn't what it was. I got sponsored in Modern Warfare 3 and Black Ops II, but looking back I didn't have the same drive Halo's given me. Once Halo 5 was announced, I was ready to switch back over to playing this all the time and I have, I haven't bought a Call of Duty since Ghosts, and don't intend on it. So far in Halo 5 I just mainly grind up Arena and mostly play Team Arena and Slayer. I'm always looking for a group of people to play with, so feel free to add me. If you're trying to start a team up, need to pick up a player for scrims, or want to run some Arena feel free to invite me/message me whenever you see me on. _____ Basic Player Information: Name: Matthew Age: 20 State: NJ Gamertag: MAHONEYS NUG (may soon be changed to my username) Headset: Default Microsoft Headset Controller Settings: Recon, 4 Sens Advanced Controller Settings: Inner Deadzone - 0, Outer Deadzone - 0, Look Acceleration - 3 Main Gametypes: Team Arena, Slayer Player Role: Objective/Support
  2. Hey there Scope it's MAHONEYS NUG, I just signed up on the forums as well and saw a familiar face so I figured I'd comment. I've played with ScopeContro1 quite a bit and can vouch his shot and callouts are on point, even when he's having a bad game he's still calling out, keeping time on the powerups, and a good guy to run with. Main reason I decided to comment on here is just to let you know, preseason is over. When you get back shoot me an invite to a game/party, I'm trying to grind for my Onyx in Arena right now and haven't had a steady group to run with. Hope your vacations been good and you've had a good Christmas, like I said shoot a message my way and we'll get to grinding games out again.

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