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  1. How can you assume that? Im pretty sure Snipedown left tD after they completely destroyed everyone at an MLG event for some bullshit shady reason
  2. Your saying this like i haven't played it already. it sucks
  3. It was doomed once he put ricochet in...
  4. With The Xbox One coming out and other neato stuff, or were you being sarcastic in saying all the events have all been irrelevant? Which i wouldn't disagree with at all
  5. I really hope there is no Ricochet in V5. I dont think it will have a positive effect on he community at all. How bout they do exhibitions at agl indy to see how pro teams would play it and if its a valid game type. Just throwing it into V5 makes no sense to me especially since agl indy might be the last semi relevant event.
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