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  1. Not really sure why my post got deleted, yet the one from some guy calling me "toxic" for no reason gets to stay. Not really a good look, but ok. Enjoying the tourney so far. This.
  2. I mean, thanks, but I'm saying they should be in the first post. It's said "coming soon" for months now. How would I or anyone else even find that link.
  3. How do we still not have rosters for a tournament that's in 2 days.
  4. Countdown is one of the few maps from Reach or 4 I actually didn't hate. Definitely one of the best maps from both games. I feel the same way about Abandon too, but I feel like everyone despises that map. I honestly preferred it to Haven.
  5. Zealot is one of the most overrated maps in Halo history, along with Haven and any other boring, uncreative map with large outer rings and/or long hallways. I still yet to see what is "good" about that. They were designed for sprint and other abilities and play "meh" at best without them.
  6. This x1000. It's easily the best spectator Halo. But it's one of the worst online experiences.
  7. This is happening to me in every game I search for in Social. While I'm getting stuck with Johnny Nothumbs and his 2 buddies, who half the time end up betraying each other or just quitting outright. Kinda ruining the game for me. Either I have the worst luck of all time, or there's some form of hidden SBMM/team balancing in place. Idk why the teams of 3/4 aren't just playing ranked. Being on either side of a blowout isn't really fun.
  8. So I need some help with the aiming settings. This week was the first time I've played since some of them were introduced, and I've got questions. Some advice would be much appreciated. -I assume horizontal and vertical sensitivity should always match for all games? -Should I even bother with the 0.5 increments for sensitivity? I feel like if I start messing with those I'll find myself in another sensitivity crisis. Has anyone actually settled on a 0.5 sens? Since launch I've had every game at 6 except for H3 (which I have at 5, because it's always felt slightly more sensitive to me than OG H3 for some reason). -What is everyone using for aim acceleration? Is higher generally better, for more consistency? Or no? -For deadzone, should I just stick with default? Because my stick starts to drift at 10% (which means I probably need a new controller), but overall I like the sensitivity of it. Any higher than 13%, and sniping/no-scoping becomes a pain because fine-tuning my aiming gets more difficult and becomes annoying. So I've mostly been playing on 11-13. Probably just gonna stick to default for now. I'm also curious how the new modern aiming settings are going to affect all of these (and vice/versa). Thanks.
  9. Why in the hell do you get banned for quitting once? That's ridiculous. I shouldn't be forced to play a 3v4 on Hang 'Em CTF with awful teammates where I'm just getting spawn killed at red base the entire game. You should be able to quit games with uneven teams without penalty, and the ban shouldn't even kick in until the 3rd quit IMHO.
  10. No-sprint customs honestly weren't terrible. Better than anything in Reach save for NBNS. The rest of the game was dogs*** though.
  11. Btw where I can see the teams list?

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