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  1. As bad as the game was, no-sprint customs with 4-shot BR was actually not terrible on H4.
  2. Has happened to me countless times over the past couple of years on MCC. I've literally quit less than 1% of my matches ever (probably closer 0.1%), and solely due to connection/lag issues. Yet if I get DC'd now more than once in a single play session, I'm automatically banned. I have to be permanently flagged as quitter or something, because there's no other explanation for that. This was a problem like 3 years ago, and it's still not fixed. 343 is a meme.
  3. Wake me...........when we get to the point to where we can mod out sprint/clamber/thrust/slide and mod in button glitches for customs.
  4. Frosty talking shit in the chat, trying to discount the Ogres and calling people who don't like modern Halo, "fake Halo fans".
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kcYp3ZzrLPw Nice narration by Persia (and additional commentary by Eli the Ninja).
  6. If bargain bin Tim Tebow gets top 2, I'm deleting my account
  7. No disrespect to the guy. But is it bad that I didn't even know who Shottzy was until like last week?
  8. I'd much rather listen to Gandhi talk about his top 50 on his shitty mic from 2013 some more instead of humor any more of this garbage list
  9. 1.6 average placing all time. A bajillion first places. Even more top 4s. Never lost a 2v2. 11th best Halo player. Yep, we out.
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