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  1. Chill Out is my favorite for sure. Priz is cool too, but a lot more unforgiving. You gotta be on your A-game if you're playing against anyone halfway-decent.
  2. "Halo's back!" - Naded in 2012 after playing H4 I'll never forget that haha
  3. " I hope that infinite has a super meter that fills up by getting kills, multis, etc that we can use to unleash our ultimates. For instance, dual wielding BRs for a short time."
  4. -Haven and Zealot are not "good" maps. As well as any other map that's basically just a large outer ring filled with long boring hallways designed for sprint. Countdown and Abandon were the best maps in those respective games. -Default Reach is easily the worst and least competitive Halo experience, period. -No-sprint H4 with competitive settings was actually mildly fun. H4 would have done a lot better and viewed more fondly if this was available at launch, in addition to proper ranks and better maps. -H2 4v4 is the best 4v4 Halo experience. Anything past 2v2s in CE, while still incredibly fun. gets too crazy for me to take super seriously. -Totz was underrated.
  5. Sounds like you're just bad at H3.
  6. So if a game sells well it means it doesn't have flaws
  7. I'm confused. Is he saying that he's in denial of the the indisputable objective fact that spread exists, completely independent of lag/latency, and is hard-coded into the game, something people knew about literally 12-13 years ago? Or is he saying that he's so good at the game that it doesn't matter, and he's somehow found a way to "beat it"? I don't get it.
  8. That's...not ebonics. Are you ok?
  9. LOL wut. BR spread has nothing to do with netcode/lag. It's hard-coded into the game. 2007 called. Also am I the only person weirded out that this guy is having conversations with himself.
  10. Even people that have worked there call them incompetent. Yikes.

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