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  1. LMAO that outro song is pure gold
  2. Anyone who unironically calls themselves a "pro Halo analyst" shouldn't be taken seriously.
  3. I would never playa CoD or Battlefield if it didn't have sprint and ADS. Just like how I have very little interest in playing a Halo game that has those features.
  4. I do. When I say BTB I don't necessarily mean the specific game mode, but rather just large-scale gametypes on giant maps. That's been a primary focus at the expense of smaller-scale faster-paced arena-style for over a decade now.
  5. I hate and don't quite get the unnecessary shift of focus towards BTB for four straight games now, when BTB was never even lacking in the original trilogy anyway.
  6. Sniper frankly hasn't looked or sounded good since H3. I don't get why or how they keep screwing it up.
  7. He's memeing with these titles...right?
  8. Love all the people acting like 'nading weapons to you is new to Halo
  9. Is it bad that I'm legitimately more hyped tor the fridge than I am for Halo
  10. 343 could literally show the best game ever, and if I see people sprinting, my hype immediately dies. I'm sorry. It looks dope, don't get me wrong. But I'm just being real. Hopefully there's playlists that don't have it, and an option to disable it for custom games.
  11. So you could say he shy'd...away ( ͡° ͜ʖ
  12. wa wa we wa https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eEaVoP2Y9Do
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