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  1. From my perspective, OS is a great addition to king because of how telegraphed movement is on the map - dropping is NOT always a good option, and a coordinated team with top control are going to be able to zero in on OS making a push more often than not. Why drop and potentially lose control? Slayer is much more punishing. I cant imagine willingly dropping on Cstruct, risk spawning my teammates bottom, just to get dogpiled. Is camo's current implementation problematic in that it allows for one good push? Yes. Does camo allow a team trapped bottom to escape if camo executes properly? Yes.
  2. When the sandbox maps come up it's time to go for a 50 bomb, wasteland & sandbox are so open
  3. Multiplayer unlocks if they aren't going to be unique one off objectives NEED to be difficult, like in the order of hundreds or thousands difficult. Just off the top of my head: -Achieve the highest possible rank in a ranked playlist. -5,000 Sniper headshots in a ranked playlist -1,000 wins in a ranked playlist If you want people to grind for armor, covetable armor at the very least, the objectives need to be high.
  4. There can't be so many sets of armor. Individual pieces lose their identity amongst the masses. H3 where this started: Haybusa - skulls EOD - legendary campaign Scout - FFA prowess(ik people farmed those) Security - H3 gamerscore Recon - community spotlight, then vidmasters Every one of the pieces had a set difficulty and the expectations behind seeing most people with them. If there are 20 sets of armor, how am I supposed to tell what is what?
  5. My avatar is a crop of some shitty meme I viewed back when I made my account. I felt it accurately reflected my views on the state of Halo at the time.
  6. Halo has been irrelevant for over 8 years.
  7. Since downloading the insider flight last night, i now get an endless 'contacting server' both on the mcc and the insider builds. reinstalling does not work. signing out does not work. does anyone have experience with this?
  8. the game is broken and massively connection dependent. there are games where your latency is unimportant and your burst kills. there are games where your lead is almost an entire crosshair and your assists approach the 20's. play your life as hard as possible and dont take risks.
  9. as was "bringing aboard people who hate halo to develop the next title".
  10. in the dying moments of Halo:Online there was a Carbine starts server and man, it played beautifully.
  11. happens a couple of times a session where i clearly get lit up and a shot hits my upper chest/jaw followed by splatter and nothing else.
  12. there is an interaction that occurs in h3's netcode on clients that checks for reference on a client shot registering. the host can 'reject' the information passed and the shot will not register based on a number of parameters including closeness to in-game geometry. it's why you will see sniper bloodshots near map surfaces, or conversely, the rare snipe through a corner of a wall. i am paraphrasing massively and cant find the source off the top of my head, but this is the gist of sniper bloodshots.
  13. if halo was stuck in the past it'd be selling millions of copies and maintaining its playerbase
  14. I'm having an argument on the halo reddit about grenade hitmarkers and I wish I grew an attachment for any other series.
  15. Who the fuck at bungie thought it was a good idea to block off window? Why does BR3 get a regen? Good grief.
  16. My childhood was Halo:Custom Edition FFA's on Prisoner, Damnation, Rat Race.
  17. halo: online had a couple servers with default maps and sprint. it was horrible.
  18. brute shot does nothing the mauler doesnt. plasma rifle doesn't have the range to be useful. h3's weapon sandbox is pretty poor.
  19. im not sure a gametype where the average player life stays under 15 seconds needs pickups. things relating to a grav lift or map geometry assisting pickups, maybe.
  20. scoped mcc h3 br is a gigantic pos. its as if the bullet velocity gets slower and the spread is worse.
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