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  1. What did any of those encounters have to do with the greater Halo universe?
  2. I fundamentally disagree with you everywhere. This is the third successive Halo release where playlists and custom games are released in a naked state, with the latter not even fully possible due to an incomplete custom games system and no forge at launch.You can't ask people to "just go do customs" when they don't work, and furthermore, players do NOT want to play gametypes they didn't choose to play several games in a row. It is further baffling that MCC's match composer, easily one of the few truly good things 343 has added to the series, is completely absent from the launch of what is supposed to be Halo's biggest ever title. Halo hasn't been dropping off from too many options at launch, it's the complete lack of options release after release after release. Imagine if we actually had match composer compared to a handful of playlists, we might have community wide discussions about how utterly boring the weapon sandbox is instead of no playlists and the battlepass!
  3. The biggest factor is the relationship between a perfect ttk, and an average ttk. Halo has struggled with this for multiple successive titles in a row, where the difference between a perfect/average ttk is too small due to ease of aim, and length of killtimes. Among the biggest of arguments against Reach & onward's implementation of advanced movement mechanics has been sacrificing the skill ceiling of aiming and shooting - hitting fast moving targets who are capable of movement on 3 axis has resulted in a design direction away from slow projectile weapons and more towards hitscan behavior. It bears mentioning that Halo 3 suffered with a lack of discrepancy between perfect/average killtimes as well without these mechanics.
  4. I used to lead oldschool runescape pure clans - being #1 matched in a server was a big deal to a lot of people, and this sadly devolved into whoever was perceived as the best would outright hold it over everyones heads but not allow other communities to contest them for the title. Teams not scrimming Sentinels are just fucking cowardly, I cannot meaningfully root for people who behave this way, the entire pro halo community would be better skill wise if everyone continually scrimmed one another rather than this petty attempt to block a team out. Hopefully it bites Optic in the ass
  5. who's ready to take a stab at how long this break will be?
  6. If Campaign Co-op and Forge are delayed again i'm just going to remove myself from Infinite related news and updates until May-ish - these are staples of the game and I cannot assume meaningful change like gameplay and mechanic changes will come in any reasonable amount of time, if at all. It was a mistake to release the game this early, even after considerable delay. Hopefully events like Raleigh will show how much action is needed, but I don't want to continuously pour negativity into the state of this franchise. It's been over a decade.
  7. this hurts to read. This guys enthusiasm while streaming H5 was genuine, and while I didn't appreciate the game entirely, he made the experience all the better knowing he well and truly cared for Halo, when our streaming community is awash with shills and vapid content creators. It's a shame to see whatever input he had for the future of this series clearly be brushed aside.
  8. the decision to allow players to wear whatever coatings they like in teamplay and replacing shield status with their team outline is asinine. every streamer without fail has balked when a random colored opponent appears regardless of what team they are on.
  9. with six months until the end of season 1, i'm unsure if we'll have any mechanical changes until at least May.
  10. People who are actively playing: Do you think with the current movement speed and abilities, a reduction in projectile speed would be possible?
  11. Wow they even ruined the mancannon sound
  12. hitscan is going to prevent this title from reaching conducive levels of play, but that sacrifice was clearly made in order to produce movement mechanics....which have been scaled back over and over.
  13. watching Maniac's stream and the BR is easier than H4. I'm not kidding.
  14. I don't know how more people don't remember this and call them out for this, similar to wheelchair chief. 343 put up polls on Waypoint/Twitter where A was keep sprint, B was drop sprint, C was I don't care(abstain) B won the poll, but because A+C outweighed B, A/C "won". One of the most asinine things i've ever seen them do publicly and nobody seems to recall the event
  15. I'd like to encourage high profile streamers who will no doubt play this game day 1 to abuse the mechanics of the game in its current state in the shittiest ways possible. We're already well aware of how powerful teamshooting will be with these killtimes. Should streamers run in duos to block one another from incoming fire? Can we throw explosives at teammates and run them into populated areas? What else can we encourage in those who are committed to playing at release?
  16. "We see far more benefits to the core gameplay loop for the majority of our players when teammates aren’t bumping one another" This will probably come as close as we ever get to 343 openly admitting they hate cerebral gameplay and encourage mindless shooting and moving for a mindless playerbase Fuck this company
  17. this was the cause of my hiatus - it was mentally debilitating to know that winning a game would cause matchmaking to further stack the odds against me. i can accept being a good but not great halo player. I can't accept being given turds for teammates because I won a game and now must lose to force a 50%. combine the above with the party restriction issues in ranked and soloQ becomes an entirely miserable experience.
  18. I have recently played a handful of MCC games after a many month hiatus - I assume that there is a hidden MMR rating that attempts to teambalance even in social. My experiences in social were mostly pubstomping in H3 BtB. Despite many months going by, my MMR or whatever has remained the same, and in about 10 games of BtB I have been curbstomped by parties of 6 or more while I am consistently given teammates that are just discovering how to swap weapons. The games are complete blowouts, this isn't fair to me, but more importantly, this isn't fair to the 7 other people on my team who have absolutely zero chance against coordinated players in a social setting. It is clear to me that 343 can not, will not, or dont want to pursue mechanics that empower the individual player. This has correlated, in my eyes, to Halo's multiplayer populations dropping off after 3 months without fail, yet party restrictions never cease to exist. If they can't make a game worth playing, what is the point in ensuring a dying franchise is only ever playable in groups while the population falls? This would make the population of solo players drop off even faster.
  19. what's the word if any on party restrictions in matchmaking? have 343 ever acknowledged how damaging this is to the casual players experience?
  20. no friendly aoe damage will cause a positive feedback loop where groups of competent players will lead one player into a room of enemies and his team will throw/fire explosives at him, it would be awful to play against.
  21. Because a game that plays well out of the box retains its player population and allows for minor tweaks if any to provide an effective format. ZBNS Reach was a good game. It was also completely different from the vanilla experience. Splitting your playerbase is never a good idea. Look at smash bros melee. To date it is still the most competitively viable smash game available, and what did tournament settings need to change? Turning off item spawns and banning a couple maps. That's it. Halo has had to reinvent the base game several times over in order to come close to being even remotely competitive for consecutive titles now.
  22. halo 3 doesn't deserve to be as revered as it is. the battle rifle being junk compared to every other weapon being damn near unusable has somehow given people the perspective that the battle rifle and not terrible balancing practices is the problem, and look where we are because of it.
  23. It is unbelievable how much general anxiety there is in the fanbase over the release of this game. BR falling flat could be one thing, it could also be one of MANY things falling flat on release that could be found as more core to the Halo experience that ends up holding the bag
  24. whelmed as fuck. Halo's campaigns relied heavily on well-executed setpieces to great effect, this looks like Halo:Skyrim.
  25. halo has struggled and will continue to struggle if aiming and shooting continue to take a back seat to half baked movement mechanics.
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