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  1. 1's need a rumble hopper dude. It's a complete waste of time to be searching and thrown into a to3 at all.
  2. cracked halo custom edition: HeH CTF 8v8 Snipers w/ Infinite ammo is the only correct way to play.
  3. what does double jump and wall running achieve as mechanics that a unified player speed and well placed map geometry cannot?
  4. Bungie fucking hated skillgap and actively sought to dumb the game down as much as possible. CE and 2 were mistakes. 3's random br spread and beatdown tradefest were perfected in reach: armor abilities that created trades, zero strafe speed, an inaccurate precision weapon, a spammable one, and massive grenade radius.
  5. mlg playlist uses 120% movement speed because base player speed is so slow you cannot strafe out of players shots, 150% gravity because the default jump is more of a half assed leap. the default player movement is a crawl.
  6. it's amazing how much crap you have to get out of the way to adjust the game towards a playable state.
  7. I can agree to that. Unfortunately outside of extreme examples like halo 4's sniper on abandoned, I am unsure how to justify a map with areas like rocket pit and OS bridge with a utility weapon this game has - I dont know if anything can be done to redeem those areas
  8. I would like to first play a version of Penance with: Rockets in pit GL at shotty(potential to remain red plat) Camo top mid Simply to see how this changes the dynamic of play before map geometry changes are made. The real utility in green is sitting pipes to watch sweaty and shotty plat, with a snipe in green watching port - the snipe is the particularly egregious part of the gameplay imo.
  9. fucking Eldewrito got kbm/controller duality right and 343 cant lmao
  10. My parents told me if I wanted to live to see the day my children thrive, I was to quit smoking immediately. And this fucking post gave me cancer anyway.
  11. Non random bloom is a recoil pattern. Halo never has been about recoil management, it's about shooting, moving, and throwing grenades.
  12. Tangentially related, I suspect that Reach's inverse flinch is causing me to constantly microadjust my aim with KB+M, something that controllers never have to concern themselves with. I'm getting higher into the mlg playlist and the discrepancy is growing. Don't think my shot is terrible but i'm getting 5'd with consistency i cannot match.

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