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  1. Making a generous assumption that all games averaged out to 10 minutes, Reach averaged out to 43,833,333 hours a month. That's 526 million hours in a year. Halo is 27 times less popular than in 2010.
  2. A huge staying power of traditional consoles was games that encouraged community. Grab a friend and hit the couch. It's a bit untimely to suggest doing this these days, however with the shift in culture over the years unless console developers radically shift their perspectives on how they want people to use consoles they are now straight up inferior pc's with no counterpoints for their use. PC parts will not remain this costly forever.
  3. Twice in a few hours play, I have spawned Gold 2 on Guardian with an opposing team's player alive and occupying the space. Has anyone ever experienced this?
  4. Neither of these can coexist on a map with rockets and I will put money down that they will.
  5. @S0UL FLAME are you aware if weapons are hitscan/projectile?
  6. I don't see the point. Even today, the visual clarity and lighting of H3 is excellent; Seeing all the fileshare posts on reddit recently has been such a nostalgia trip.
  7. I see. I have to admit your lack of enthusiasm on the subject has me dejected, though my lifelong love of Halo/Half Life keep me committed to the series despite their...lackluster. Regardless, as this forum is kept active by us diehard discussion holders of possible and current mechanics, I would like to know where this series is headed.
  8. Is your interest low due to outside factors in your current life, or is your interest low due to the state and quality of Infinite?
  9. I'm tired of: SoloQ being a miserable experience Team Snipers clips on HaloClips/Twitch
  10. the wingman and gears of war 2 gnasher are far and away the most puzzling weapons for their respective devs; i can't think of many weapons who have seen so many changes that both fail to address the issues and come with unsatisfactory results.
  11. Shooting cross-map on Foundry: Fine Shooting cross-map on Isolation: Fine Shooting cross-map on Blackout: doable Shooting someone sitting Red/Blue nerd on Midship: Impossible People sitting P3 and in the nerds are slippery as hell and fucking awful to contest. Why is this? The range isn't as far as the above examples.
  12. Gears of War had something called Active Reload that would be indicated by a timer top right: Perfect timing and you get a fast reload and damage boost; Okay timing and you get a faster reload; Choke and you get a long reload. I always thought this system was creative but underutilized. For example, hitting different timing windows in a sequence could make the rounds reloaded in a weapon perform differently, like an alt fire.
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