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  1. spammy fast firing guns with recoil AND bloom what series is this again?
  2. next to no footage of the sidekick or br in action.
  3. probably 6 seconds of gameplay in a 5 minute video is impressive
  4. I would like to move on from clinging to hope for this series revival someday, and that day could be today!!
  5. I'm fine with CE PR stun. The weapon thrives in what feels like very niche conditions but when they happen it never feels cheap unless some party has no idea what's going on. I doubt i'd feel the same way regarding stun in Halo games with killtimes as long as they are now.
  6. Thoughts on the blog: Cross platform LAN is cool. Triple action keybinds: at this point if you're going to do this just allow me to prioritize items in a pile of shit on the ground. No idea how this will play out in implementation. Input filtering: Saying "MKB will feel buttery smooth" and later talking about input based mm as "It's not Xbox vs PC" reads to me as "we've given up on trying to balance mouse vs controller". So, more long killtime teamshooting.
  7. I'd love another Halo 3 in terms of feature completeness, otherwise, I can't wait to stop playing Halo 3.
  8. It showed. How could I get my hands on whatever version of CE the tournament used? What's the difficulty in acquiring og xbox hardware and peripherals?
  9. @Hard Way - I've spent the better part of the work week watching the UGC Halo CE 2v2 on the side - thank you so much for the entertainment, this was a joy to watch from start to finish.
  10. Very basic equipment pickups like a limited crouch slide or double jump to utilize otherwise unreachable parts of a map would have been an excellent way to create simple, readable alternative routes and strategies without throwing away map design or player efficacy
  11. 2-9 SoloQ ranked session this morning - I am consistently paired against a duo that I've never personally been on the same team with, meanwhile my teammates are a revolving door of people who somehow make it to 20+ but can't find power positions or weapons. I won't pretend I performed better or worse than average; but every single game was a 50-30. This kind of shit puts me off from ranked; I suppose not enough people are playing to create consistent matches? I have no motivation to play and grind if this is the future of SoloQ in the next title.
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