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  1. Very basic equipment pickups like a limited crouch slide or double jump to utilize otherwise unreachable parts of a map would have been an excellent way to create simple, readable alternative routes and strategies without throwing away map design or player efficacy
  2. 2-9 SoloQ ranked session this morning - I am consistently paired against a duo that I've never personally been on the same team with, meanwhile my teammates are a revolving door of people who somehow make it to 20+ but can't find power positions or weapons. I won't pretend I performed better or worse than average; but every single game was a 50-30. This kind of shit puts me off from ranked; I suppose not enough people are playing to create consistent matches? I have no motivation to play and grind if this is the future of SoloQ in the next title.
  3. You already know it's going to coexist on a map with rockets
  4. I applaud your commitment to improving Reach BtB, however the bloom/pacing shots issue you are describing is a problem that never should have existed in the first place, and reverting the TU would only make the game even more inconsistent.
  5. I made it to rank 30 TS by soloQ'ing and subsequently lost 11 straight. Completely burned my drive to play for a couple months, the skill plateaus around mid 20's and when you don't have a 3v4 at least one person in the lobby is going double negative. Ranked is intended to provide competitive matches and somehow succeeds in being worse than social.
  6. Edge was the second worst H:O map. It & Reactor are absolutely terrible. Waterfall is the spawn of Narrows/Orbital linear aggression, with a lot of ways to hide in mid with only two ways to get there. It'd work if killtimes were faster.
  7. never thought i'd lol at a map more than orbital but here we are
  8. I'm pretty disappointed by this writeup. For all of their terminology usage of "combat triangle" and "cqc dance", we are given zero explanation of how they intend for their "sandbox" to work. It's a bunch of jargon with little substance. Then, to make matters worse, the only weapon they actually explain is the spam shotgun. To write off shotgun play in the series as "dull", and completely ignore CE's pump shotty is pretty annoying. I dont know how anyone over there expects a semi auto shotgun to work in an arena based format when it's use is pretty well documented in basically every twitch shooter ever; For all their claims to understand Halo fundamentals and then introduce a weapon that completely clashes with the format they've spent 2/3's of the document boasting about is embarrassing to read. Don't tell us you understand Halo. Show us that you do. With no in-depth explanation on how the sandbox plays and no showcase of the utility weapon said sandbox is supposed to play around this is a pretty big miss.
  9. They acknowledged this on the livestream, didn't sound ready
  10. Making a generous assumption that all games averaged out to 10 minutes, Reach averaged out to 43,833,333 hours a month. That's 526 million hours in a year. Halo is 27 times less popular than in 2010.
  11. A huge staying power of traditional consoles was games that encouraged community. Grab a friend and hit the couch. It's a bit untimely to suggest doing this these days, however with the shift in culture over the years unless console developers radically shift their perspectives on how they want people to use consoles they are now straight up inferior pc's with no counterpoints for their use. PC parts will not remain this costly forever.
  12. Twice in a few hours play, I have spawned Gold 2 on Guardian with an opposing team's player alive and occupying the space. Has anyone ever experienced this?
  13. Neither of these can coexist on a map with rockets and I will put money down that they will.
  14. @S0UL FLAME are you aware if weapons are hitscan/projectile?
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