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  1. halo has struggled and will continue to struggle if aiming and shooting continue to take a back seat to half baked movement mechanics.
  2. no, i'm confused by your decision to stand by hitscan when it is extremely limiting when it comes to the skill ceiling. there is little differentiation between good and great aiming without projectiles.
  3. This game is going to be a pubstompers dream Kids rolling in social will stand on top of each other, teamshotting with such a long killtime will mean individual players will get melted with no recourse, running in and baiting enemy players for an incoming sea of grenades and other explosive damage that will do nothing to your teammates charging in I cant believe collision and team fire were turned off instead of introducing options for forfeit and vote kicking, the whole game experience will suffer as a result. Such a separation of consequence for position and decision making between ranked and social like this wont bode well, either.
  4. I am frustrated that sensible, agreeable choices for a competitive format, when put into the context of competitive halo, make no sense given the directional flip-flop the series has undergone over the past four titles. It comes off as less than an educated guess and more of the same "throw this on the wall and see what sticks".
  5. At this point i'm convinced that 343 shitting the bed is an integrated feature of the products the company offers, the consistent doubling down or even complete 180 on prior changes with no toilet paper in sight is enough
  6. starting with mediocre guns != being able to defend oneself off spawn how people have failed to understand this for over a decade, i'll never know
  7. this series is dead due to a decades worth of decisions made to accommodate the whinging casual playerbase that moves on to the next flavor of the month after 6 months if this is your idea of fine i sincerely hope you don't get paid to post opinions in any capacity
  8. Are these the worst starting weapons since H2? Didn't Bungie admit that was a terrible idea? How are we here?
  9. Physical disabilities have no context in this discussion with regards to gameplay philosophies. Please refrain from this kind of language.
  10. I regret being banned from every Halo discord i've ever joined solely because of the feast my eyes are missing today
  11. spammy fast firing guns with recoil AND bloom what series is this again?
  12. next to no footage of the sidekick or br in action.
  13. probably 6 seconds of gameplay in a 5 minute video is impressive
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