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  1. Who the fuck at bungie thought it was a good idea to block off window? Why does BR3 get a regen? Good grief.
  2. My childhood was Halo:Custom Edition FFA's on Prisoner, Damnation, Rat Race.
  3. halo: online had a couple servers with default maps and sprint. it was horrible.
  4. brute shot does nothing the mauler doesnt. plasma rifle doesn't have the range to be useful. h3's weapon sandbox is pretty poor.
  5. im not sure a gametype where the average player life stays under 15 seconds needs pickups. things relating to a grav lift or map geometry assisting pickups, maybe.
  6. scoped mcc h3 br is a gigantic pos. its as if the bullet velocity gets slower and the spread is worse.
  7. maps will continue to be designed around the fastest movement speed available. it has to go.
  8. While even on our best days we like to gripe about parts of the original trilogy, something i always appreciated about bungie design philosophy in halo was 'less is more'. I'm not inherently against hitmarkers, but this series has always used glowing shields and ammo counters to display information to the player. Why not put some sort of signifying indicator on a weapon if your shot connected? What's with these giant obtrusive marks? They could be done so much more intuitively.
  9. I would like to add onto this that i'm not familiar with open world games that also have excellent AI. The linearity of some games allows more processing power towards npc decisions, which was one of the biggest draws of CE. I have huge doubts if this is somehow open world of the occupants being much more than cannon fodder.
  10. We're supposed to have shields glowing or popped as an indicator. 4 straight titles accomplished this just fine.
  11. We've moved back to 'probably doa' from 'definitely doa.
  12. bruh the game releases in 5 months, what you see is nearly guaranteed to what you get
  13. How much of that budget went into graphics? What the fuck was that? Why does a game from 2007 look better than what I just witnessed?
  14. the only abilities I can see myself accepting within my idea of 'halo' is a weak thrust and a jump-jet that is a double jump of sorts. both pickups, both drop on death, both with limited use before respawn.
  15. No. Actually, fuck no. Thursday for many of us could be the final acknowledgement that classic Halo is actually functionally dead, and that 343 have not had, and do not have any functional understanding of what classic Halo's appeal was. If 343 have learned nothing in over 8 years, with a 5 year gap between now and the last halo game, this place will be clearly unhappy.

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