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  1. It's fine, I knew you wouldn't haha.. My gamertag is unrecognizable just because people don't know how to make sense of it.. They just see JFC.. (GT: JFC YTRTHNU)...It's different from my username on here.. so, don't be sorry.. Now, Weapons: I'm in agreeance with them staying where they are at.. I suggest it just to see how it plays out.. Sniper on Gold pushes them to that side.. but, not a lot of people realize Railgun is at Orange at start.. Once, they get a footing on the map, they realize it's there.. Flipping them, I feel as though Sniper is more vulnerable over at Orange, and Railgun always has less ammo so it wouldn't matter about how much control you'd have on Lime with a Power Weapon like the Railgun. Another Issue I feel having Snipe on Lime is the constant hiding on Lime with Snipe.. Lime has a lot of cover.and gives a lot more control in my eyes to whoever has snipe on Lime Colors: I understand where you are coming from about the colors...I read the earlier comments as well.. I feel as though Blue and Red are the given initials and that's the way they should remain. Although they don't have to color the map.. as long as you know which side is which you should be good to go..(For Example, on WaterWorks.. There was color on that map..but, you would know which side you were on just because the flags on the bases where colored Red or Blue..) Cyan, would work on that map..Not sure where, maybe left out...but, Cyan is very similar to the Neutral color they made..I was gonna suggest the Mid Bridge but, it wouldn't matter.. Reason is no one would call out Cyan no matter..Still what it'd be is bridge..but its Neutral space why I suggested it. Colors and Call-outs aren't really important.. I'm with you with the colors.. seeing Gold, Green and Purple is old.. Orange, Lime, Seafoam are a breathe of fresh air.. But, I (Like I said) feel it is best to have Red and Blue in a map.. (Also, 343 does cater to competitive play, it's just the Community doesn't see it that way...They are just lacking what everyone is expecting..) Also, the Antenna jumps.. No one knew they were there til I pointed them out on my team.. LOL Another thought I had while typing this is Middle/Bottom areas maybe have some incentive to move in those areas.. Map is good as is though.. I want to stress that so it's understood..
  2. You are welcome......and, I did play it.......Played it with you and 6 others. Options/Opinions: Cyan made Blue would definitely be a good idea.. Adding Cyan somewhere else though if you'd like. Weapon choices are perfect...maybe flipping Rail and Snipe.(which isn't necessary..) but maybe just to see how it plays...May change flow to Orange over Lime.. Or adding reasons to go to bottom mid.. Also... I love how you implement the Tri-brace thing (not sure what the actual item is called)with Extraction Decals as Jumps, it's unique and looks perfect with this and your other maps.. This map is Top 2 Favorite for Capture the Flag.. as of right meow..:3
  3. This was a fun map...Nuff said.
  4. JFC WhyTe

    GFX Thread

    Thank you!! <3
  5. JFC WhyTe

    GFX Thread

    Can someone give me a rundown on how to put your GFX into the Signature.. I'm so lost and confused.. Thanks JFC_WhyTe
  6. Seems legit.. and is probably going to be the story line (Kappa)
  7. ...We are all Master Chiefs in a Desert, asking ourselves.. WTF why did we buy 'Halo' from 343 Industries again... This answers the reason for a Dedicated Server and why 60 FPS.. Look at those dust particles.. 'Halo' CG Team is beast...Still not hyped for 'Halo'.. Look at Halo 4 and what lead from that... (Also, Jedi Chief, For the win.. May the Force Be With You.. While I'm enjoying Destiny on Playstation 4)
  8. God, dang it.. I didn't want to give Neg rep... :| "We will never back down!"........"REALITY CHECK!!!!!"
  9. Hey Gandhi, This is my entry to the Challenge... We will see if I'm that percent that can beat your bracket.. http://challonge.com/JFC_WhyTes_Gandhi_Challenge_Entry_For_AGL7Knoxville
  10. I'm that 1.2% you've been looking for.
  11. That's what I like to hear!

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