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  1. I know a lot of people here don't give two shits about the campaign, but those "leaks" talking about a ton of side missions in large scale areas kind of has me worried. I feel like this should either be leaning to the linear with more open paths like CE or a full on Halo RPG. I just get flashbacks to Gear of War 5 last year. I really didn't like the side shit. It felt tacked on. Yes, I know with the Halo side stuff I don't have to complete it, but I'm a fucking Halo fanboy and will anyway if they're included, so fuck me lol.
  2. https://reddit.com/r/halo/comments/ewes6c/a_gameplay_snippet_in_we_are_343_industries/
  3. While it didn't knock Halo out for me, I had a great time playing the Soulsbourne games (Sekiro included) from January 2019 to about May a few months later. Started off with DS3 after my friends teased me that I could never beat them and that I was a scrub. I was like "Fuck all of you, let's fucking go". While it was hard as shit, it was so addicting and I swear, beating a boss was like video game form of ejaculating to me, lol. Every time I beat a boss I sent a screenshot to them as a fun little game. As for the bosses themselves, I'll never forget the Nameless King. That motherfucker took me six and a half hours. By the end I was stinking, dehydrated, had greasy hair, etc and it was such a fantastic feeling. I yelled when I beat him, lmao. From there I worked backward to DS2. Kinda coasted through that one. Was fine, but didn't hold a candle to 3 IMO and I hated the human effigy mechanic. Just wasn't fun and it was more just annoying for the sake of being annoying than rewardingly difficult. While I still preferred DS3 over 1, I had a great time there as well. Orstein and Smough can lick my fat nuts, though. That one suuuuuuuuucked. Bloodborne and Sekiro were fantastic, IMO as well. I also can't wait for Elden Ring now. Fromsoft have definitely made me a fan.
  4. Even though it was a mess in how it ran and design choices, PUBG in it's "prime" in 2017 and even into 2018 are some damn fond memories for me with friends. I'm happy that I can still find memorable and great times, despite thinking I was unfortunately past that stage in a way.
  5. Sound design? Halo 4. Who doesn't like a warthog that sounds like a chainsaw?!
  6. IDGAF what anyone says, to me, Reach just isn't fun It was fun back nine years ago when it was new and shit, but I hate it now lol
  7. So, just played the first three campaign missions with friends. Absolutely miserable. One second lag, stuttering, audio is noticeably bad and muffled in campaign, etc. I'm having fun in multiplayer, though. Finally found my groove on KB&M. Btw, the menus are just abysmal. They look and navigate like a nightmare.
  8. Who knows, I might be going insane, but I swear it sounds more muffled than before.
  9. Tempest + Bloom + Fucked mouse controls = Me jumping through window
  10. Not really. I just can't get over how much I hate the map design. Hell, I probably wouldn't even say the maps themselves. It's the how the whole mode is designed. It just doesn't equal fun map design, IMO.
  11. Why did everything look like dough? You know what I mean?
  12. I don't even know what the hell I'm expecting for the press conference. Even though I don't want it (at least for 2v2, 4v4, etc), I'm absolutely expecting sprint. I also expecting Warden Eternal 3.0 with Rocket Launchers and teleportation for Chief and wall running.
  13. I'm hoping you can still buy all the games at once at release. I imagine so. Anyway, hyped af! My friends who stopped playing Halo ages ago are actually excited. Feels good man.

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