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  1. Ugh. I know I'm just being pessimistic, but that map screams the ugly H5 UNSC aesthetic.
  2. "Warning: Demonic presence threat level 5 entering main laboratory" "You were never one of us..." Great intro.
  3. You guys should look at this: https://old.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/i0uwx2/debunking_the_myth_that_sprint_is_an_illusion/ This dude is OBSESSED with "destroying" anti-sprint arguments. It's actually pretty cringey how he speaks like it's a god script, lol.
  4. Maybe I just don't get it as everyone's praising it, but eh...?
  5. Never forget this masterpiece. They're still doing the shiny sort of shit in Infinite as well. So much for old art style. Edit: Holy shit, I forgot abut the vomit grass. Lmao.
  6. 343 really doesn't seem to grasp the phrase 'less is more' when it comes to adding shit like obnoxious yellow hexagons to indicate you're healing (because we're dumb babies), or crap like obnoxious hitmarkers and a red death X to indicate you're hitting an enemy and they are dead.. I mean, it's not like they stagger back, yell, flop over dead, but sure, 343.
  7. When I saw sprint, I just threw my arms in the arm. Amazing, 343. Amazing.
  8. What the fuck is happening with 343's design team? Honestly! That looked like shit. Why can't they do anything right?!
  10. I'm excited just because I like that it's not just Forerunner shit, but I think people are also happy because it's not seemingly as much fuckery story wise as with the Prometheans. Still, I doubt this is gonna change much. Prometheans will still be here, humans will, the Created fuckers will, the Banished... and the Flood possibly? This will be a mess, lol.
  11. I know a lot of people here don't give two shits about the campaign, but those "leaks" talking about a ton of side missions in large scale areas kind of has me worried. I feel like this should either be leaning to the linear with more open paths like CE or a full on Halo RPG. I just get flashbacks to Gear of War 5 last year. I really didn't like the side shit. It felt tacked on. Yes, I know with the Halo side stuff I don't have to complete it, but I'm a fucking Halo fanboy and will anyway if they're included, so fuck me lol.
  12. https://reddit.com/r/halo/comments/ewes6c/a_gameplay_snippet_in_we_are_343_industries/
  13. While it didn't knock Halo out for me, I had a great time playing the Soulsbourne games (Sekiro included) from January 2019 to about May a few months later. Started off with DS3 after my friends teased me that I could never beat them and that I was a scrub. I was like "Fuck all of you, let's fucking go". While it was hard as shit, it was so addicting and I swear, beating a boss was like video game form of ejaculating to me, lol. Every time I beat a boss I sent a screenshot to them as a fun little game. As for the bosses themselves, I'll never forget the Nameless King. That motherfucker took me six and a half hours. By the end I was stinking, dehydrated, had greasy hair, etc and it was such a fantastic feeling. I yelled when I beat him, lmao. From there I worked backward to DS2. Kinda coasted through that one. Was fine, but didn't hold a candle to 3 IMO and I hated the human effigy mechanic. Just wasn't fun and it was more just annoying for the sake of being annoying than rewardingly difficult. While I still preferred DS3 over 1, I had a great time there as well. Orstein and Smough can lick my fat nuts, though. That one suuuuuuuuucked. Bloodborne and Sekiro were fantastic, IMO as well. I also can't wait for Elden Ring now. Fromsoft have definitely made me a fan.
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