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  1. halo reach backwards compatibility is not fully functional, all that screen chop and input lag isn't the game but it's the actual emulator
  2. ur probably right hahaha i don't give a fuck about what you got to say homie, get the fuck away from me hahahahaha
  3. another dumb response, troll tries trolling then jokes when it doesn't work LOL
  4. no u just picked my weakest statement to respond too which a smart person would've just ignored. so u troll and don't add anything to the subject until something is said that is dumb enough for you to respond too? Gotcha
  5. see I don't mind the pistol but I just really fucking hate how bitchy it looks, sounds, and feels, I mean it's just a pistol. not a CE pistol but just this dinky little shit. i can't take h5 serious if that's supposed to be our best gun
  6. no I definitely favor the halo 2 br through nostalgia being a halo 2 player but I also see and respect both sides and I personally believe the halo 2 br is better than a 5 shot pistol in a halo game
  7. making the pistol a 4 shot would be disgustingly overpowered at long range and probably even at close range like that's plain obvious, the br has spread. I assume we've all played enough of halo 2 vs halo 5 or even reach mlg v7 to compare a single burst 5sk vs halo 2 br with unbiased reasoning or else majority of people on here shouldn't even be allowed to have a discussion. all I'm seeing from everyone is biased opinions from what looks like being being comfortable with the pistol vs what actually makes for better gameplay
  8. but why hahaha you guys haven't given any objective reasoning other than what looks like biased opinions because of how comfortable people have gotten with the pistol. your downplaying the br in comparison to a pistol just because you've gotten used to it. the fact u would rather have 343 do an update for the pistol to make it a 4 shot or just stay with the ar/pistol option all together shows your bias. we have a simple objective option, BR primary with Pistol secondary, boom everyone's happy.
  9. no now ur just over exaggerating what I said down to a level of stupidity also my main argument is having a gun that isn't over complicated and too many shots to kill, but a fair and simple gun (halo 2 br). halo 3 is first shot=kill (but that's a different topic). halo 2 is simple enough that u need to be smart with ur movement but still capable of winning a battle being down shots because of the simplicity of the gunplay. 4 shots is the perfect amount of gun play, ur two shots down u only have to come up 2 to even out with the opponent, with 5 shots if ur 2 shots down u have to come up 2 then over that other shot so there's no symmetry in the 50/50 chance of winning the battle because of the odd number of shots, it doesn't equal/balance out as well as 4. 2 down 2 up vs 2 down 3 up. an odd number of shots makes for sloppy gameplay, it's only there to work with the casual scene. I'm not sayin which is better or worse, it's just the game u choose to play and I choose the one with 4 shots vs 5 shots. u don't have to agree with me that's on you. u have ur choice and I have mine. and don't even get me started on the ar, that's just a joke in the competitive scene. also typing this on my phone, my b for the sloppiness in getting the message across
  10. I could also say that the br being easy makes for smarter gameplay. they're just two really different topics and u can't compare the two. if u want smarter gameplay choose br, if want simplified gameplay such as halo 3 choose a weapon that has longer kill time. I don't wanna be mean and say that a gun with more shots makes for bad gameplay but it's just the truth, ur given more chances to be bad and fix ur mistakes when it takes more shots. it's like the lan vs online argument, the better player always wins on lan because of how much cleaner the gunplay is. it's pretty simple. easy gun smarter gameplay, vice versa I respect both sides but I'm just an avid halo 2 player but I've also been good at all the other halos to see each side and I personally believe if u want smarter gameplay u choose a gun that doesn't allow for mistakes
  11. thank you, I don't understand how people would rather have an ar/pistol over a br. I guess people have just gotten used to being bad
  12. that makes for smarter movement play, the original halo 2 BR is easy to use but once ur playing against good players, the movement and mind game goes through the roof. compare that to a game that focus's too much on the shooting the game just becomes sloppy mess of good shots and bad plays. the shit people get away with in these newer halos can't even hang in a halo 2 game. look at halo 3 (now let me clarify I'm not hating, I love both halo 2 and 3)... that game focuses so much on the shooting aspect that one of the most useful plays in that game is simplified straight line rushing with high advantage, u can do that the entire game and win. rarely do people ever get out br'd in that game when they have the first shots no matter how much more consistent the disadvantaged players shot is. u can have the first shots and miss a few and still kill the guys if he's not missing any shots, now how is being allowed to have an inconsistent shot more skillful. movement and shooting are like yin and yang, they balance eachother out. the simpler the gun that smarter the gameplay.
  13. yeah I've actually been finding games in hardcore for the first time today, search took like a good 5 minutes the first time but once you get in that cycle of players you can get games pretty fast, I found like 7 games in 2 hours
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