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  1. I know it did, and I was leading my shots, just fine in the situation I'd laid out, which is why I have an issue with it in the first place. CE had the same thing; projectiles, and it worked wonders, whereas H3 soiled it.

    Mcc ce doesn't use projectile just in case you're basing it off that.

  2. Don't get me wrong, well deserved win.


    There are just some people that you play against where you wonder how in gods name does their internet work with this game lol



    You'd hate playing against me at my current set up then lol. Sharing a house with a flock of bitches all of their pos devices. Iphone6, iphone5, ipad air, samsungs. I'm amazed the router doesn't give in. I always win when I'm host, wanna know why?. Cos everytime I get it the game goes black screen and jumps in and out of it until my host kicks them off one by one lol. I had one game of reach the other day where this was happening then halfway through someone stole host from me, we only had a playable game for a minute before my connection bullied it's way as host again and kicked the rest of them offline.

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