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  1. This stream is really not making Lethul look better about this... says he pretty much decided this on a "coin flip".

    I thought re had a valid point with 3-4 teams having a chance at the money. New game and too much money on the line too early in its lifespan. I'm more annoyed that we were supposed to get a proper explanation, instead "Twas the hardest decision of my life cummies, hardest decision".

  2. At least that would make sense. Because being mad at EG over Commonly is just stupid.

    Well what I meant (to all the peeps who quoted @ as well) was that I seen a tweet after the eg pick up from ninja saying something along the lines of "I never will be seen as a player just a streamer". So I'm going off that and him apparently bringing commonly into the scene. I agree about all the others reasons, I reckon he's extra salty tho cos he might feel like commonly leap frogged him when he's done so much for the scene and despite all the flak he was getting for years a lot of people agreed that ninja was arguably a top player in this game- so I could see why he was so hurt over getting looked over.

  3. Nope, I warned all members involved to stop the argument and the post were removed, he continued. He wasn't happy with that and took to PM's with some "unkind" words.


    As for everyone here, when you reach a 4-5 ban's over your forum lifetime you can eventually be perm. banned. He (and many others) has been warned many times before, it sucks to lose a member but we have to enforce the rules at the end of the day. If anybody wants to discuss anything about forum rules, and whatnot my PM box is always open.

    Fair enough, turns out my refreshing game ain't as strong as I thought.

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  4. Obviously age has a factor in how you play. People are focusing to much on the physical problems that come with age, the mental problems are far more pressing. I can easily see how once a bunch of new young guns come into the scene you can easily fall susceptible to self doubt and age is usually something that spurs on this type of thinking. I do think he's washed, I don't think he's not a top player anymore though. He's been teaming with the top players in each game as they rise to the top. Haven't seen enough h3 to make a call on that but concerning h2a and h5 all I've seen him do is lose nearly all his individual battles- yeah, yeah k/d isn't everything but you do need to get kills to achieve objs and especially in h5, where being able to slay is more important than ever thanks to 343s wonderful selection of game types for hcs.


    I think a lot of us here are deflecting when we try to defend the age angle. I know for a fact I don't hit shots the way I did when I was 18. Is that true or false? Is it something that could be overcome with hard practice? Would I be asking myself this question if I wasn't getting older?

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  5. So... zero?

    Beyond starter pack:


    1. Bookmark reactiongif. Com

    2. Follow the rules (when frankie/saitient post)

    3. Always end any posts praising h2-5 with a small note of how "x" isn't as good as CE and/or how despite what you've said, "ces the best" regardless of whether or not you've played it at all/extensively.

  6. Towey with girls :holmes:


    Edit: Though he went the other way (wasn't slim)

    Yes but if you were ever really heavy, when young, it scars your self confidence and even if you get into shape/improve in general after you will still have the social skills of a fat kid. :kappa: I'm sure he's fine with girls and of course there's exceptions but I think it's fair to say this about the vast majority of people. Nowadays we put huge emphasis on looks.

  7. I can't be certain on this... But I think it's got something to do with the $2m prizepool. Scrap whatever he makes in donations if it increases his teams placing by even 1-2 spots. If you remove the broadcasting element, people are able to talk freely both in terms of approach, weakness and talk shit/smack without consequence.

    I've read his reason on the forum too- I was saying during tourneys. Would hardly make a difference. Could set the stream to not save the rebroadcast if he's worried about that.

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