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  1. Adds new griffball playlist then posts the new order of playlists based on population but somehow griffball isn't on the bottom...k.

    Ce 4v4 was one of the few playlists I could get a game in, in under a minute before it was removed so I'll never accept it was removed for that reason. They just don't and haven't ever given a fuck about the series.

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  2. I think people aren't understanding the shift in the esports landscape, tournament organizers are moving formats more inline with traditional sporting model to make it easier for the viewer to watch. In what major sporting competition can you watch a team/player lose in an elimination match & still come back to win the tournament? It's confusing for the average joe, who's used to traditional sports model, to get to grips with how the system works and whether people believe it or not, it's an unnecessary barrier and may put people off. This way it's more accessible for 'joe public' to engage and connect with esports.


    I don't like it, but I understand it

    So once again they wanna just go with what's popular rather than doing what works for the game. I don't understand who you(anyone) can have watched a lot of competitive halo and come to the conclusion that single eliminate is better. To me it sounds like you don't know how this game works. Don't see the point in catering to the casuals. Halo series should be long like poker, if you don't have the stomach for a long poker session then do you really even like poker?.

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  3. Wow! 71% on our second try. What are they teaching you guys these days? When nearly entire posts are personally subjective, somebody has failed to communicate the importance of objective thought.


    How about history? Learn about the Black Panthers? Weathermen Underground? Student's Democratic Society? Muhammad Ali's successful 1st Amendment fight with the government? Agent Orange?


    Tip: School sucks... Be like Eminem, Bill Gates, and me. Drop out. Play Halo

    Trying too hard.

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