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  1. I didn't play much of HCE or H2 back in the day but the MCC not use PC versions of these games? And those gameplay differences are simply due to that are they not.


    H3 plays the same as it always has. Sometimes it lags and sometimes you play people from columbia.

    That's not true! Most notable differences; in h3 you have to lead slightly more than the original. Aiming is weird. In h1 the leading is completely different, it's like a mix of hitscan and leading. A weird glitch makes bullets move away from players when they are beside obstructions. Ghost melees happen more often in h2. Registration is really bad in that game. There's a whole lot more, h1 has the most differences. They did a bad job.

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  2. It should be required to be pretty darn good at games in general to be a game dev. Too many noobs making games, I know that's ridiculous but it would still be better...


    I remember seeing a post on the math of how the "rando-ness" affects a br fight assuming both players are bad as hell and are out in the open fouring each other- I don't remember the exact numbers but I do know that if you honestly feel like killing with the gun is a dice roll. Like actually a dice roll, you are the problem and nothing else.


    The h3 br debate is amazing. I find it simply fascinating how many times the same heads can regurgitate the same "arguments" they've been posting for years-each and every time as if they're writing it for the first time and as if everyone on the forum is reading these argumebts for the first time. Simply fascinating.

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  3. The sketch done was The mexican gangster sketch. It's the typical one portrayed to all the bad boy hispanics in many hit tv shows and movies.


    Cratos is a self proclaimed shit talker. He invites that stuff because it fuels him. Hell in his tweet he said "If you want to make fun of me, I'm Bolivian not Mexican".


    Would the impression be any different if Ninja had done a Bolivian accent? Probably not but why cherry pick this shit? Be offended, Don't be offended. All you are doing(this post as well) is wasting your time.

    You've just misinterpreted the post lad. All I was saying was he did it on purpose to tick him off. It's lame and yeah I wouldn't have said anything if it actually sounded like cratos and if cratos was one of them kids that like to act like a gangster. That would be funny!. He should put more thought into what he says on stream considering most of his fanbase are younger, but I suppose if he put more thought into things he wouldn't be the problem on all the teams he joins ; D

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  4. Now you are just cherry picking. You can't compliment one stereotypical accent(read: impression) and criticize the next, whether or not Cratos sounds like it or not. Be consistent. Either you find things like this funny or you are offended, but you can't be both and still be taken seriously. That goes for everyone with a viewpoint on this topic.

    I mean he obviously saw the tweet by cratos and did a Mexican accent intentionally.

  5. I don't know so much that it has to do with the skill gap difference between the two, because honestly it's harder to shoot in H3 anyway. I think it's a familiarity issue. Lots of people that play MCC started with H3, and they've been completely unwilling to learn H2, especially when they're getting BXR'd every game.


    It sucks, and I wish people would just learn other Halo games and take their lumps until they can hang, but they won't. They're gonna vote for "their game", come hell or high water. That's why mixed playlists are stupid. I'd rather each game had their own playlists that had 3 options, a tournament option, a BR starts option, and an AR starts option.

    I started with h2 and will vite h3 over h2 everytime, this argument needs to die. I dont like playing h2 (even tho it was thè game i was most excitrd for) because hitscan is crap, I'm too used to leading shots in 3/1, i cant go back, it's not satisfying to shoot in thè game At all. The melee in thè game is a joke, it's not an mcc thing- ghost melees would happen all the time in the original as well.


    Y'all need to realise you're biased as fuck Cos you've obviously put a lot of time into the game and you'll obviously prefer to play a game you do well in. It's the same reason I prefer h1 but will still play 3 a good majority of the time on mcc. Again, before anyone tries twist my words; loved h2,was very dissapointed upon playing it again in mcc (I know the differences between og/mcc before anyone says that), don't find it fun to play nearly as much as the other games. This idea that people vetoing h2 Cos they're bad is silly. What is this, waypoint?.

  6. No lol


    I hardly post or come on the forums anymore since I slowly lost interest in H5, I've accepted that Halo will never be what it once was and that 343 is taking the franchise in it's own direction. I still like to read every now and then just to see what everyone is posting about.

    I'm in the same boat. I find the hcs thread more entertaining than the game </3

  7. Random question I had when rewatching Image of the Invisible.


    In the beginning of the gameplay, you see clips of them melee and immediately switch weapons to melee again. Does this speed up melees or something? Never understood that and have never done it myself

    If this is referring to the ce montage, he switches to the ar because it has the fastest melee. Makes blb a near instant kill when you execute it properly.

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