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  1. Has there been any word on the possibility of a pc port of MCC lately? I know Larry Herb teased it like a year ago and I think it was Dan Aboob who said that we should "stay tuned" for MCC updates about a month ago. I'm just wondering if there is anything new that I missed. MCC on the pc is all i want from 343.


    Edit: Also I do you guys still think MCC on the pc is still a possibility? Or am I dumb for still thinking this will happen?

    How could they? Pc community wouldn't let them away without fixing the game.

  2. CE pistol took a lot of skill to use, I can't stand the fact ske7ch said it was the most over powered gun.


    If I was an employee at 343, I would ask him to 1v1 me on CE (on the OG xbox, not the crappy gametype on h5)and tally every single consistent 3-shot kill he gets on me.


    And if we play to 25 kills, chances are that he would probably get 0 consistent 3-shot kills.



    CE's movement is very effective, you can out-strafe very effectively.

    CE's sandbox had plenty more to it than just the CE pistol, it had nade tricks, spawn trapping, double melee, quick camo, back pack reload, jumps, rocket OS jumps etc.


    I bet 343 knows only 1% of what I have just listed.

    343 just thinks halo ce was a mess and the CE pistol is just over powered.

    The kids in power are noobs. That's all there is to it, we'll never get the game we want with these mindsets at the helm.

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  3. That's because 343 knows what the online population is.


    C'mon guys, I expect people on this forum to be smarter than the average Halo player.


    The reason match making can't match you with other solo queue players is because the online population sucks. There's a reason there's no online population count in the UI. Pro tip: It's because 343 is embarrassed about how poor it is.


    If they flicked a switch to make it so teams of 4 could only get matched against teams of 4 there would be a trillion threads all over the internet the next day complaining that it takes 15 minutes average to find a game. (Players from my region haven't been able to find games outside of peak hours for like 6 months now)


    Show me a game that has this feature.


    Oh, CS:GO? Yeah, has like 10X's as many active players?


    LoL? Yeah, has 100X's as many active players.


    Now show me a game with the same population as Halo. I'll wait.

    Halo 3 did it with pittens for a population.

  4. Your average H5 Warzone player, particularly when the game had a more respectable population, is not good at the game. So, yeah, you can shit on those kids if you have thumbs. That doesn't have any relevance to my point at all and if you are playing against even half decent players abusing REQs, you sure as fuck DO need them to compete. I am aware that WZFF is worse in that regard, but that's hardly relevant.


    ​It's not faulty logic at all. You are conflating the practical reality of the game (that players mostly care about more the REQ bullshit) with the rationale for wildly imbalanced payouts for both RP and XP in Warzone. RP is practically more valuable because the actual rewards for leveling up are shit. Does that mean that the XP payout wasn't balanced to drive people towards WZ and buying REQs? No. If they didn't solely want people buying REQ packs, they would have more meaningful achievement-based unlocks. Instead, the entire system is built around REQs. That Spartan Rank is the lesser of these two systems in terms of actual payout doesn't contradict my argument at all. In fact, for the reason above, it arguably supports it. SR is a reward system that DOESN'T rely on random packs that you can buy for real money, which is why the unlocks suck. And yet the XP payout for the mode built around that random card system are significantly better anyway, providing an additional incentive for players to focus on Warzone, the mode where REQs are the most relevant and can be burnt through very quickly. SR being comparatively worthless further emphasizes the value of the reward system that makes them money. And still where were the people who were grinding for 152 (like Wasp) playing the overwhelming majority of the time? Warzone.


    ​I don't really care what you've personally said while playing Warzone. I'm sure not using REQs against a full team abusing them works out GREAT. As I said, the reality is that a lot of Wz players suck at the game and do need those advantages to get kills.

    Just because somebody doesn't do well in arena, doesn't mean they suck. Completely different gametypes.

  5. I never played Reach when it first released but picked up a copy when they fixed the backwards compatibility frame rate issue. Barely touched H5 since. It's so much more fun. Sure, armour abilities are lame, but no lamer than spartan abilities and ADS.

    Headhunter is the shit. What's the mlg pop like? Might hop on today, anyone wanna run a few games of reach? Or mcc?

  6. I'll be the first to admit that StrongSide isnt the best in commentary, but I love his passion during events.

    During the last match. Mikwen just stuck someone with a plasma off a wall. Strongside goes into hype mode. A few moments later nv have closed the gap and walshy says "yes like you said it's now an 11 kill game-" strongside quickly cuts him off with "Who cares?!" Continuing on intensely describing the action. It was gold (basically- I agree)./

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  7. also, i don't understand why they re-made Beauty and the Beast. The original is about as close to perfection as possible.


    also, do you have a good recipe for spotted dick? i want to surprise my family this thanksgiving.


    g'day mate.

    Agreed. Emma Watson is a horrifically bad choice for Belle and the cg doesn't look well imo. Is there going to be singing? If Gaston doesn't sing his song, what's the point?.

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  8. Unfortunately, as the 360 era wore on, games became less focused on fun and innovation and more on being mature and cinematic. It's even worse now with the Xbone, with games being super flashy but lacking content and quality control.




    I don't get Microsoft. They did everything perfectly with the Xbox original (loved all those games btw. Jet set radiooooooo!!). Then halfway through the 360s life cycle they shit the bed and stop investing in first party exclusives and literally handed Sony the victory in the "console war". Sony even used that as their marketing campaign for PS4 "for the players" is a jab at Microsoft's sudden full on casual approach to their console.


    I don't know if the heads have changed but I'm presuming they must have, they've really lost their way-hence 343. I remember on the back of the halo 3 box there was a review saying something along the lines of "the greatest game of the decade". I feel like that applies to the original trilogy. There was nothing else like it and there probably won't ever again. Been playing since the original. Multiplayer since 2, unbelievable online. The only thing I wish is that I played the games more when I had the chance. It's actually crazy how much I loved these games.

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  9. Frankie has not been reliable since MCC's launch. All he does is lie or gives snark to anyone that doesn't like Halo 5. He should be 100% ignored.


    And about H3A, I do think it will be done at some point. It's still the most successful Halo title in every category that you can measure success. If it is remade, Microsoft must not allow 343 to touch it. Not just because I think know they'll do a poor job in respecting it's original vision but because 343 has the stain of the MCC on them and because of 343 never fixing it, it will never wash off.


    It must also be on the PC. This is all we need.

    • Improved texture visuals
    • Ability to create servers
    • Every DLC map
    • The file share is revamped to fit the PC
    • 1:1 gameplay remake (this is why 343 must not be involved)
    • A true map editor
    • Options to change weapon and grenade properties (fire rate, cap size, etc.)
    • Improved Theater features (possibly true rewind?)
    • Increase player cap
    That's fucking it. Sell that shit on the PC and call the series done. Go make Halo 12: Cortana's Twin for all I care. We'll have the dream game.

    This is perfect. Only thing more I'd like to see is an evolved playlist with most of the changes to the gameplay people suggested here (faster strafe,tighten spread, etc.).

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  10. Here comes our 90$ H3A/H6 announcement

    Oh god in fuck I hope not. We need the year for all the attention deficit kids to get used to h3a so when h6 comes out people will have it fresh J their heads how trash 343s halo games are and for the love of god, if 3 does happen, the commmooonity must band together and make sure 343 doesn't have nade hit markers in it. God they're so stupid.

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