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  1. This. If pro were playing no radar scrims, several ones a night for at the very least a week. Then I could take their opinions seriously.
  2. If h2a had all of h2s maps but stayed exactly the same otherwise, who would prefer h5 over it? I'd definitely sink alot of time into it. It was a super nooby version of the "old halo formula" but it was old halo.
  3. How could they? Pc community wouldn't let them away without fixing the game.
  4. At least they didn't say "improved" otherwise we'd be well and truly fawked.
  5. The kids in power are noobs. That's all there is to it, we'll never get the game we want with these mindsets at the helm.
  6. Just because somebody doesn't do well in arena, doesn't mean they suck. Completely different gametypes.
  7. Headhunter is the shit. What's the mlg pop like? Might hop on today, anyone wanna run a few games of reach? Or mcc?
  8. During the last match. Mikwen just stuck someone with a plasma off a wall. Strongside goes into hype mode. A few moments later nv have closed the gap and walshy says "yes like you said it's now an 11 kill game-" strongside quickly cuts him off with "Who cares?!" Continuing on intensely describing the action. It was gold (basically- I agree)./
  9. I need this reverse sweep in my life. Cratos winning makes the forums too juicy. I'm sorry beyond </3
  10. I do feel bad posting this but strongside just ain't good at commentating. I'm cringing almost everytime he speaks.
  11. Agreed. Emma Watson is a horrifically bad choice for Belle and the cg doesn't look well imo. Is there going to be singing? If Gaston doesn't sing his song, what's the point?.
  12. I don't get Microsoft. They did everything perfectly with the Xbox original (loved all those games btw. Jet set radiooooooo!!). Then halfway through the 360s life cycle they shit the bed and stop investing in first party exclusives and literally handed Sony the victory in the "console war". Sony even used that as their marketing campaign for PS4 "for the players" is a jab at Microsoft's sudden full on casual approach to their console. I don't know if the heads have changed but I'm presuming they must have, they've really lost their way-hence 343. I remember on the back of the halo 3 box there was a review saying something along the lines of "the greatest game of the decade". I feel like that applies to the original trilogy. There was nothing else like it and there probably won't ever again. Been playing since the original. Multiplayer since 2, unbelievable online. The only thing I wish is that I played the games more when I had the chance. It's actually crazy how much I loved these games.
  13. Planet? What I'm seeing the clouds with the flashes of lightning behind it.
  14. Me after seeing the background https://encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR5M5HxCseqRHco3GfV3pSeZW2SqtgKux1AK5CTCStXeG6MKqxt I might need to get an xbox one again.
  15. H3a a billion percent confirmed. God their videos are so cheesy.
  16. This is perfect. Only thing more I'd like to see is an evolved playlist with most of the changes to the gameplay people suggested here (faster strafe,tighten spread, etc.).
  17. Wanted to neg this cos 343. Fuck that, man. Edz: I fortunately didn't play at launch. I'd say I would have freaked out something serious.
  18. Oh god in fuck I hope not. We need the year for all the attention deficit kids to get used to h3a so when h6 comes out people will have it fresh J their heads how trash 343s halo games are and for the love of god, if 3 does happen, the commmooonity must band together and make sure 343 doesn't have nade hit markers in it. God they're so stupid.
  19. So it's 110% happening. Now we just need all the stars in the universe to align so they do a good enough job...
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