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  1. OP is Kevin Franklin testing the waters for H5 beta, :goldenboy:
  2. Was hopin this would happen, looks like a fun game to give a go.
  3. Yeah would be interesting to see, I reckon the dmr would be perfect at a 3-4 shot so I'm excitedz
  4. Does anybody have a link to any of the modded 4 shot DMR gameplay? I saw a video link before of gameplay of a full match of 4 shot DMR but I honestly can't find it anywhere, would be much appreciated. also; single shot>burst. I think both should be in the game tho.
  5. This would make a brilliant documentary, I never even heard about High speed halo! Madness. High Impact Halo deserves a spot if ever there was a documentary made, how many people have seen the tower to tower warthog jump in Halo CE, ten years in the making I believe, it's incredible. ^^^^^^ Just shows how there was so many groups of players who played the game for so many different reasons. It's more than a great single player game, competitive multiplayer etc.
  6. Hopefully after this event (if it happens), it'll lift moods enough that we might get a grassroots scene going, I'm saving up moolah atm to try get some stuff like ffa or 2v2s/4v4s goin for reach/ h3 over here in Eire. I've always preferred the feel of those smaller tourneys the FGC commun. do, the commentary is far superior than evo or any MLG event- which are just cringe worthy at times.
  7. What's your gt? run some games sometime. Yeah I think h3 get's a pass from alot of people because the maps are better- reach v7 maps are good but ain't as good as h3's (or at least not as fun to look at). The gameplay on the other hand > H3s.
  8. Have to agree, by looking at the clues throught season 5 (realising walt takes on the habits of the people he's killed- opening up s05 with walt spelling out his age with bacon like skyler does- you get the feeling that the finale was going to go very dark and walt was going to kill skyler and loads of other people, finalising his transformation into heisenberg(sp-don't care)-). Instead, it seemed to bail from what would have been an amazing and brave ending to a superb series (not counting s05 part 1 cos that was dogshit) into an extremly typical, predictable and rushed ending. I didn't mind that it was obviously from the last two episodes that things would end on a lighter note and walt would be the hero by the end of it all, fair enough- but from lasts weeks episode I was immediately worried.. Not enough happened in it, and it is the cause this episode was sort of poor- it ended up making the ending very rushed and plain silly in parts. Like jack and the Nazis wouldn't check the trunk of the car of a man who's infamous for having planted a bomb on an old man in a wheelchair just to kill one of his enemies- they knew he was terminally ill (well not sure about that, but I imagine from seeing Jesses tape, that would have been mentioned somewhere)- surely it may have crossed their minds that he wouldn't mind blowing the shit out of himself for revenge or whatever. Point being- for them to not check the trunk was not stupid- but just plain conveniant. Walt parks the car sideways so the swing machine gun can shoot inside the building, how conveniant they brought him inside, could of shot him outside, could have brought him down to jessie prison etc. etc. How conveniant that Jack would get annoyed at Walt mentioning that he partners with Jessie (extremely lame tacky dialogue to just push the next scene) and bring him inside, cringe worthy. I hate to be a debbie downer, but I'm sure there will be many others who feel this way about the ending, it is probably good that this is so however so that with Vinces next show or whatever project he goes on to do he will learn from it. The ending was flat, it didn't deserve to be flat, however obviously the show as a whole was brilliant (bar that dub step scene- sweet jesus)...
  9. for some reason bb isn't showing up on netflix and when ou search it, it only has half of s5 -.-
  10. is this on netflix us or when will it be up?
  11. Looking for peeps who are active in reach, who'd like to run MM/customs. From Ireland so connection may not be the best with american peeps but sure it's xbl so who cares. GT: Stephander.
  12. Wasn't able to get on live for two weeks. Come back online and there was litterally 7 people in TTD for 3 hours in the morning, peaked at 150-60 at 11 or 12 that night, tried searching when there was 28-30ish peeps mid day, couldn't get a match, got one or two in a po4... Went on reach in morn- 24 players, found a game in under 2 mins, over and over- reach hit 150 players later in the evening. Games come lightning quick. Copy and paste 343, jesus -.-; GT: Stephander, add for reach or h4 customs plox, jus wanna play some high level games for fun/get better. seein that pop was sure depressin.
  13. Made an account for this. We should all jus' grow a pair of balls and use these for customs/events and go on to mod every other annoyin' aspect of the game, would be ten times better to watch play. no sprint at the very least should make it in to MM for V5.

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