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  1. Is there any honest to god reason Why they cant spitball balance changes and get day ti day feedback from team beyond/pro? Josh makes it sound like a legal issue, gives red tape ad AN excuse to not discuss settings thè same way a dev wont talk about s games campaign mode before release. You cant spoil settings changes though, like why?.
  2. Everyone starts by having a laugh, then the usual suspects take the opportunity to regurgitate the same bash posts they've been posting for years.
  3. Couldn't give a fuck who casts, just knowing somebody will be saying SOMETHING during hour(s) long series's. That's gonna be huge.
  4. Adds new griffball playlist then posts the new order of playlists based on population but somehow griffball isn't on the bottom...k. Ce 4v4 was one of the few playlists I could get a game in, in under a minute before it was removed so I'll never accept it was removed for that reason. They just don't and haven't ever given a fuck about the series.
  5. Same^ whelp thankfully now I'll have something good to watch instead of watching a match or two of the h5 lan.
  6. So once again they wanna just go with what's popular rather than doing what works for the game. I don't understand who you(anyone) can have watched a lot of competitive halo and come to the conclusion that single eliminate is better. To me it sounds like you don't know how this game works. Don't see the point in catering to the casuals. Halo series should be long like poker, if you don't have the stomach for a long poker session then do you really even like poker?.
  7. Is anybody else not getting master chief collection to show up on twitch?
  8. Can I get highlights for the last 2 weeks?. Rip world championship thread, best thread that ever was.
  9. Haven't been able to keep up for a while now. Why's everyone bandwagoning liquid all of a sudden? Did og2 join em? Can't wait for a beautiful weekend of halo.
  10. Skyrim and ds are both rpgs but the game play is nothing alike.
  11. Ot: have you seen "mcpoyle vs ponderosa: the trial of the century"?.
  12. @@VinFTW. Doubt you have a large I could purchase? :3 pretty please? .
  13. "Haw, haw haw...you just got pounded by a girl". Great tournament regardless but for real.
  14. NA playing later? Did I miss lcq? Haven't been on in a few days.
  15. I've accumulated seven hours trying to steal fairy flute from hilgigars...I'd love to strangle whoever came up with the steal mechanics in ff9.
  16. This thread Was glorious. I'm a sl3p fan.
  17. Daft punks- random access memories is Fuckin unbelievable. Should deff give it a go if you haven't yet.
  18. No thx, that thread is cancer. I would have thought "discussing" the settings in hwc would be relevant in the hwc thread.

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