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  1. "YOU'RE QUITE LEE-FULL WITH THAT" Driving me up and down the wall. I thought there was an option to turn this dogshit off?. "I see 'eadshots in yor future m8". Such severe cringe.
  2. You know what's ironic? I bet there's tons of waypoint kids who love this game and condemn h3 for it's "BR rules all" gunplay but this game is the exact same. Buff the power weapons please.
  3. Going to add my name to the list of people that feel not being able to rank down really kills my drive to play Ranked.
  4. I think they do. To laugh at us. When we bashed them for no player collision and slagged them for their fake user data for it they point at the posts "idiots! Can't they imagine how awful of a choke point getting into the bases on aquarius would be with collision".
  5. Lol it's bound to cancel a matchmaking search xD I love 343.
  6. They want the CE pistol. Imagine if in season 2 they made it available to buy for 34.30 dollars. I'd be f5ing this forum so hard.
  7. Weird they decided to do this when he was practically bashing the game a few weeks ago.
  8. Wah, Wah everybody likes h3 better than CE. Broken record.
  9. That's all the halo games. That's not the problem with the aiming though, it's that it feels like every movement you make is in perfect straight lines and you're underwater. It's really bothering me. The other thing I want to say but haven't seen anyone mention yet: the sound that's made when you're flag is taken is horrible. Horrible.
  10. Couldn't we pre order campaign and then cancel it after downloading?.
  11. This reads weird considering I'm pretty sure 99.9% of the users on this forum are American.
  12. Does anyone know if there will be another flight before release?.
  13. Incoming out of the loop questions: Shots to kill on the sidekick? What about the other guns in this game?. Promising comp settings possible?.
  14. I was so hyped when I first stated playing this game but I just feel the portals ruin it. It doesn't feel skillful trying to outangle people with portals and in ranked you virtually only play domination and King of the hill. In most hill games people dive bomb the hill spamming the pistol and in domination you seem to be able to portal from A to C without moving. It's a shame cos the gunplay is SO good. Carbine is awesome.
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