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  1. Going to watch them now, I've always loved your breakdowns on gameplay. Have learned a lot from them, keep it up mayne!
  2. Bump. Looking for h5. If it matters, I'm onyx in Arena.
  3. Looking for mature gamers only. Let me start by saying I have responsibilities and a life outside of Halo. I still manage to play almost daily. MUST BE FLEXIBLE WITH PRACTICE TIMES. We will set a time/date for practices that works for the team. We will be organized. We will have specific ideas/concepts that we are trying to accomplish during our practice time. QUALITY over quantity. Running 1,000 games in MM with no structure will not help us get better. We need to understand all aspects of the game, understanding how your position in relation to your teammates and opposition affects spawns are crucial. I will not tolerate mindless players holding forward, constantly putting their team in a disadvantage. If you understand why you need to push Hut when spawning rocks on Sanc you're the type of player I want to team with. Sharing knowledge is key. Watching film is key. Critiquing teammates as well as your self is key. My credentials are a tad outdated since I did not compete in H3 or Reach. I still played competitively, just wasn't able to attend events. Competed in dozens of locals in Michigan against solid players, , spanning mostly during h2. Majority of these were 2v2. I've only competed in one major event, Chi 05, placing top 64 FFA and 4's. TLDR; If you're an intelligent player who is willing to SCHEDULE practice times, hmu. GT: TTekknique message me on XBL or here. Don't just add me... odds are I will think you're a random if you do.
  4. I was platinum a few seasons back, currently iron because of playing my placement games alone. I have no problem beating gold/platinum players. Looking for people who know competitive COD and want to play. Hmu. Gt: ttekknique
  5. Yes to both, but I would prefer if they were designed similar to older halos power ups. When h4's os drops from the sky and can kill you, let's just say its annoying.
  6. Hmu. From Michigan. Placed in the top 16 in FFA MLG chi 05, top 48 in 4s, won several locals. I can pay my way 100%. I have a strict play schedule as I have a 50/wk job and I'm a full time student. But I can play m-f 1-2 hours per evening, Saturdays will be free come November and Sundays I'm available all day. Ttekknique
  7. need to refill my list due to changing jobs. Will be online mainly in the evenings with the occasional morning thru evening sessions. Get at me
  8. TLDR: AGL Sturgis has an airport, quite being a baby over a 25 minute drive. Hopefully AGL can host more events in the midwest. I'm extremely disappointed in AGL. First they dropped the ball with the location in Michigan. But if people were a little more accomodating there is a air port under 30 miles from the venue...so for all the people who were complaining about it (cough* Ghandi cough), do some research. Thats a mere 20-25 minute drive from the air port...something that you are going to have/had at majority of future/past venues. Secondly, if no Sturgis why run right back to BFK? Why not try to find a happy medium, maybe Columbus? MLG had great success in Ohio, no reason why AGL shouldn't. While I'm on this rant, I understand that this is better for competitive Halo in the sense that more pro teams will show up resulting in more viewers equating to more exposure and revenue. BUT, AGL can achieve this without alienating the people in the Midwest specifically: Michigian, Wisonsin, Northern Ohio, Nothern Indiana, Nothern Illinois, Northern PA... you get my point, there are A LOT of competitive players in this area; I would argue the midwest has the highest population of tournament Halo players in our community. Anyways, I hope AGL can make it up to me and the Midwest and host an event in the future at a location in the midwest (other than Indi, which I'm looking forward to!) End rant.
  9. I'm in Bay City. Hit me up, I'm trying to get some local stuff going. GT: TTekknique (add a msg with something about the beyond forums or I'll assume your a randy :P) Everyone feel free to add me on XBL, especially if you're around Bay City When's the next LAN? I have my own setup that I can bring: monitor, astros, box, powerstrip, etc. LMK I'd really like to get into the Michigan LAN scene.
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